10 Inspirational Quotes From Kids’ Movies

  • May 2, 2016

Everyone loves a good motivational quote every now and then, and I’ve spotted quite a few gems in the many kid’s films I have to watch with Little H. Both children and adults alike could be inspired by some of these words. There’s some lines from films that I quote to Little H sometimes such as “Jessie always finds a way” (Toy Story of Terror) when she says she can’t do >>


Inspirational Quotes on Parenting from Celeb Mums

  • January 6, 2016

Whilst looking for inspirational quotes from female celebrities for a client I came across a couple of great quotes on parenting from celeb mums. At a certain point, you go from admiring a celebrity because of their looks or wardrobe to admiring them for their parenting skills and beliefs. It’s also always nice to hear that other mums (even famous ones!) have the same views or struggles with parenting as >>