6 Of The Best Educational TV Shows For Kids To Watch Online

  • October 25, 2018
6 educational tv shows for kids

Please tell me it’s not just me who’s kid is permanently glued to their tablet? We obviously have rules and time limits, but given half the chance she’d be on that tablet all day long. Some of the games are rubbish (Roblox) and some are pointless (nail painting gameS) but there are also some educational books and TV shows that I’m pleased she shows an interest in. If your kids are >>


Breaking The Screen Addiction

  • April 4, 2017

I’ve let Little H use a tablet and my smartphone from a fairly young age, and have always thought it’s a good thing learning to use technology so young. One of my first blog posts was Why I don’t feel guilty about my child using smartphones and tablets and I really didn’t feel bad about it. I still don’t feel guilty about it, but lately she’s getting a bit addicted to her >>


Why I Don’t Feel Guilty About My Child Using Smartphones And Tablets

  • August 20, 2015

I recently read an article about the use of smartphones ‘killing children’s ability to communicate’. On the basis that I have an Android tablet using 4 year old who never stops talking, I don’t quite agree with this. Of course, there’s going to be the extreme cases where parents let their kids use an iPhone all day while they sit and watch re-runs of Jeremy Kyle, but if you’re sensible about it there >>