Surviving Your Child’s Birthday Party

  • June 16, 2016

I estimate us parents have a birthday party a year to organise until our kids are 10 or 11 and get too old for parties. If you have two kids that’s around 20 children’s parties to get through, more than 2 children and that’s flipping lot of mayhem and stress. Not to mention expense. Little H is 5 and so far I’ve only had to organise 2 birthday parties, but I’ve found >>


Birthday gift ideas for school friends that don’t break the bank

  • May 17, 2016

Once your child starts school your weekends are taken up by birthday party after birthday party after birthday party. Not only do they consume your weekends but it can get very expensive too, and you quickly run out of birthday gift ideas. May seems to be the month that we have endless birthday parties. In the first 2 weeks alone we’ve had 4 parties for Little H’s friends, as well >>