How to celebrate Halloween at home with kids

  • September 14, 2020
How to celebrate Halloween at home with kids

No one is sure what state the world will be in by the end of October (at this rate literally anything could happen!) but it’s looking increasingly likely that there’s not going to be any trick or treating this Halloween. Even if it is allowed, I doubt many parents will feel comfortable taking their kids to knock on strangers’ doors at the moment, so I’ve put together a list of ways you can still celebrate Halloween at home with kids this year…

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Crafts are always a good way to both celebrate a holiday and to keep the kids entertained for a while.

You’ll find tons of great suggestions for Halloween crafts for kids on Pinterest as well as a few ideas here of some easy Halloween crafts we did a few years ago.

easy Halloween biscuits

And don’t forget to get on Amazon and order all your craft supplies in advance!


Decorating the house isn’t just for Christmas and it can be lots of fun to do with the kids. All you need to decorate your home for Halloween is some plastic spiders and bats, orange and black bunting, and fake spider webs and your house will be looking spooky without too much effort or expense.

Put up some fairy lights, decorate with the Halloween crafts the kids have made, and grab some torches.


Doing some Halloween baking is another great way to keep the kids busy for a while. You can make Halloween cupcakes and biscuits, bake a Halloween themed cake, or could adapt this chocolate bark recipe to be Halloween themed, you’ll just need is some orange and black sweets and sprinkles.

halloween baking

Pumpkin carving

One thing we have done every year since Little H was little is carving pumpkins. Before we moved to Spain we would go to the farm to pick a pumpkin the weekend before Halloween – now we just have to get one from the supermarket!

Carving isn’t as easy as it looks but it’s a must at Halloween and they look fab outside the front door. I’d recommend getting a special pumpkin carving knife as it makes life a lot easier!

Here are a few of our previous creations if you need some pumpkin carving ideas…

pumpkin carving inspiration

Dressing up

Even if you can’t go out trick or treating it doesn’t mean you can’t get all dressed up. Putting on spooky costumes is a must to celebrate Halloween at home with kids.

Use last year’s fancy dress costume or make your own easy Halloween costume with items you already have. This Room on the Broom costume we did for World Book Day is nice and easy.

World Book Day Costume - Room on the Broom

Face painting

The simplest costume can be made to look very spooky with a bit of Halloween face painting, plus it’s a fun way to spend some time together. Get yourself some face paints and have a look on Pinterest or Google for some spooky inspiration. Skeletons and vampires are always quite easy to do.

You could also let the kids paint your face for a bit of extra fun!

Halloween treasure hunt

If the kids are disappointed with no trick or treating trip around the neighbourhood, why not do a little Halloween treasure hunt around the house and garden instead. It’s a little bit like an Easter egg hunt but with Halloween sweets and spooky buckets to collect their finds.

You could write some clues for the kids to follow or just let them try and find treats that you’ve hidden.


Ok, so you might not be able to have your usual Halloween party with friends but you can still have a little family Halloween party at dinner time. Decorate the table with Halloween  party supplies such as a table cloth, cups and plates,and use your cakes or biscuits you’ve baked and make some spooky pizzas or other Halloween themed party food.

halloween party food


When I was little and schools were allowed to hold Halloween parties it was full of games like bobbing for apples or wrapping each other up in toilet roll. Witches hat ring toss is another fun Halloween party game for kids, as well as pin the tail on the witch’s cat.

Once the kids are all dressed up you can put on some Halloween party music and play a few games with some Halloween sweets for prizes.
halloween party games


Round off your Halloween evening with a spooky film, though obviously nothing too scary right before bed! There’s lots of great family friendly Halloween films that aren’t too spooky – Little H’s favourite was Hotel Transylvania when she was smaller and now she likes Goosebumps.

Get out your popcorn or trick and treat sweets and enjoy being nice and warm on the sofa instead of walking round out in the cold!

halloween popcorn movie

With some of these fun ideas to celebrate Halloween at home with kids, hopefully no one will be too disappointed that you can’t go out trick or treating and having parties this year.

How will you be celebrating Halloween at home?



How To Celebrate Halloween at Home

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