10 Kindle book recommendations to download

  • March 19, 2020
Kindle book recommendations

At the time of writing this blog post we have been on ‘lockdown’ due to the Covid-19 outbreak for 5 days. We can’t leave the house other than for essentials so are all struggling to find things to keep us amused. Luckily for me, I’m a complete bookworm so being stuck at home is a good excuse to read some of the 74 (!) books I have stored on my Kindle.

As well as being good to help pass the time, reading is a good way to unwind and take some of the worries off your mind. So whether you need something to do, or something to keep you from overthinking things at the moment, I have listed some great books for you to download.

All of these are available on Kindle via Amazon so you don’t need to wait for the delivery, and I’ve read them all so can assure you they are worth a read.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission at no cost to you should you make a purchase via one of the links.

1.  The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris

You’ve probably heard of this book, but if you haven’t read it yet you really should. When Lale arrives at Auschwitz he finds himself given a job that is beyond awful but also gives him some luxuries and insights into the camp that others there don’t have. It is a tale of love and survival and  I read the whole book  in less than 24 hours. As you can imagine it’s a harrowing and emotional story, even more so because it’s based on a true story.


2. One of us is lying – Karen M McManus

I didn’t realise this was a ‘Young Adult’ book when I bought it but don’t let that put you off. It’s a bit like Big Little Lies in that it’s a murder mystery set around a group of friends , but with the added dramas of high school. Without giving too much away there’s a bit of a plot twist surrounding the murder of one of the teenagers but I did guess it before the end.


3. Beneath a scarlet sky – Mark Sullivan

One of my favourite genres of book is historical fiction. I’ve read so many books about Japan, China, and Nazi Germany but hadn’t read much about Italy during the war. This is a fantastic book based on the almost unbelievable true story of an Italian teenager called Pino who helps Jews escape over the Italian Alps to Switzerland. It’s an emotional read and you might need a drink afterwards but a really important story to know about.


4. The Cows – Dawn O’Porter

This isn’t my usual kind of book, but I was intrigued to read a book by Dawn O’Porter and I was actually quite impressed with it. It’s about three women, all leading different lives but all facing the struggles that come with being female from kids, to work, body image. Their paths cross even though they are all quite different and they end up helping each other in some ways. You will definitely be able to relate to some of the issues faced by these women but hopefully not all of them (you’ll get what I mean if you read it!)


5. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

I’ll be honest, I jumped on the bandwagon with this one without really knowing what it was about! At first the strange main character Eleanor annoyed me a bit – she’s rude and not really very likeable. However, never one to give up on a book I persevered and I’m glad I did. It’s a very good insight into what it’s like to live with mental health and not judging people without knowing their history. You will probably find yourself really rooting for Eleanor at the end even if you’re not that keen on her to begin with.


6. The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

I was totally addicted to this TV series so I had to download the book once I’d finished watching them all. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what it’s about but if you like the series you’re bound to like the book. As disturbing and thought provoking as you would expect but a must for fans of the TV series.


7. Small great things – Jodi Picoult

A few years ago I borrowed a load of books from a friend and there were several Jodi Picoult novels in there. I ploughed through them and really enjoyed them all but was left feeling a bit emotionally drained afterwards, especially after reading My Sister’s Keeper! I hadn’t read any of her recent novels but saw this one on Amazon for 99p with really good ratings. As with all her other books this story is set around a moral theme (this one highlighting racism) and is really thought provoking and emotional. You won’t be able to put it down once you start and you might learn something about your attitude towards the struggles of people of other races.


8. The Stillwater Girls – Minka Kent

This is a really touching story about two sisters raised off the grid who find themselves in the middle of a mystery surrounding their upbringing after they have to escape the only home they have ever known. It’s got quite a good twist that might keep you guessing and you will probably find yourself quite invested in the story of these girls by the end.


9. Postcards from a stranger – Imogen Clark

The main character Cara finds a box of old postcards in the attic and starts to unravel a family mystery. Her dad is suffering from Alzheimer’s and can’t help so she tries to get to the bottom of it whilst also looking after him. It starts off quite slow but I had to get to the end to find out what actually happened between her parents.


10. Hold my hand – MJ Ford

An 8 year old girl is the last person to see a boy before he goes missing never to be found. Years later as a police officer she is involved in solving a new crime which has links to the missing boy. This book has quite a strange and unexpected twist – I nearly always guess the ending but definitely didn’t with this one, so if you want a book that keeps you guessing this one is worth a read.



I hope this list gives you some inspiration for books to download and keeps you occupied for a while. Have you already read any of these?

If you think you’ll be reading a lot over the next few weeks, it might be worth subscribing to a free trial of Kindle Unlimited which allows you to read loads of Amazon books for free for 3 months. You can unsubscribe once the trial has ended or pay £7.99 per month, which is a bargain if you read a lot.

You may also like this list of book recommendations I wrote about last summer.

Happy reading!


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  • Debbie

    Thank you for the recommendations. Having just finished the His Dark Materials trilogy, I am in need of something new to read. Seeing the kind of books you like to read, and topics, you said you haven’t read may if Jodi Picoult’s more recent books. I can recommend The Story Teller.

    Also, my friend Kerry Barrett’s book called The Hidden Women.

    I really like books that are different to anything else. Time Travelers Wife, Lovely Bones, The Night Circus. Please let me know if you’d have specific recommendations along those lines. I’m only just starting to read more again since I stopped commuting many years ago so haven’t read much in recent years.


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