Freelance jobs you can do from anywhere in the world (and how to find them)

  • February 17, 2020
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Many of us dream of ditching the 9-5, packing a suitcase, and going some place exotic where you can log onto your laptop from the beach.

I know I did – though my reality isn’t quite working from the beach (sand and laptops are not a good mix!) and a paradise island isn’t all that practical when you have kids. But, I have created a freelance career for myself that means I could actually work from anywhere in the world as long as I has a good internet connection. I just wish I’d done it a lot earlier in life, but then I guess the technology wasn’t really in place to do it back then!

The best way to start as a freelancer is to take some online courses in your area of expertise – or the area you’d like to be an expert in. I’d then recommend setting yourself up as a freelancer while still working, so that you can build up your client base whilst still having a decent income.

If you dream of moving abroad but still need a steady income to support you, here are some suggestions for jobs you can do from anywhere in the world (and a few tips on how to find them)…

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Freelance writing

There are all sorts of things you can do if you are good with the written word. Freelance writing jobs include writing blog posts for other people, writing website content for businesses, proofreading, and plenty of general typing jobs . Freelance copywriters are in high demand, and if you’re good at writing you can knock out a blog post or article in around an hour.

Where to find freelance writing jobs:

Sign up to a website such as Upwork, ProBlogger, BloggingPro, and People Per HourPeople Per Hour to advertise your services to businesses looking for bloggers and copywriters, and to search available jobs. You can also try contacting small businesses with examples of your previous work.


Virtual Assistant

More and more small businesses are hiring Virtual Assistants to help out with admin rather than employing someone to work in the office. You might be asked to monitor emails, do some data entry work, schedule social media posts, or process payments and chase invoices. This is a great freelance opportunity for someone wanting to become a Digital Nomad as you can do all of these tasks remotely.

Where to find Virtual Assistant jobs:

Websites such as, Upwork, and People Per Hour all advertise freelance Virtual Assistant vacancies, and agencies like Timeetc will help you to find Virtual assistant jobs.


Freelance Design Jobs

If you’re creative, then designing logos, flyers or creating websites is the perfect job to do from anywhere in the world. Being a freelance designer is quite a competitive area but a great online portfolio will win you clients. You’ll need to pay out for software such as Adobe Photoshop initially but should recoup your costs fairly quickly.

Where to find freelance design jobs:

Some great websites dedicated to helping freelance designers find work are Dribble, Behance, CrowdSpring, and Krop. You can also sign up to Fiverr to make some money, this is especially great for those quick design jobs such as logos.


Translation & teaching English as a foreign language

If you’re clever enough to speak more than one language one of the ideal jobs you can do from anywhere in the world is to  provide translating services to a number of businesses in a wide range of industries and countries. Teaching English online has become a really popular freelance career for expats and Digital Nomads and can be done from anywhere, you’ll always find someone in your timezone wanting to learn English.

Where to find translation and TEFL jobs:

Signing up to an online agency such as OneHourTranslation and Smartling will help you to find translation jobs and get paid regularly. If you are TEFL certified you can find online teaching jobs at VIPKid and iTutorGroup.


Freelance Social Media Management

There’s a massive difference between using social media for personal use and using it for business, but if you know the difference then there are a lot of companies crying out for Social Media Managers to help as more and more people realise it’s one of the most important marketing tools out there. If you want to be a freelance social media manager don’t forget to get yourself set up with your own social media profiles to show you know what you’re doing!

Where to find freelance Social Media Management jobs:

My go to website when I started freelancing as a social media manager was People Per HourPeople Per Hour.  Other good websites are UpWork, Flexjobs, and NoDesk.


In all cases, you will need to be able to showcase your work, whether this is by having your own freelancing website with a portfolio, or linking to your work elsewhere on the internet. The range of remote jobs and types of online work from home are growing every day, so you are sure to be able to find something to suit your skills and schedule.

Good luck if you are thinking about doing some freelancing. Let me know if you have thought of any other ideas for jobs you can do from anywhere in the world or any great home business ideas!



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