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Great online courses if you want to be a freelancer

  • September 27, 2019
online courses for freelancers

Do you dream of leaving behind the 9-5 office job and becoming your own boss? I think it’s something that most working mums daydream about at some point, especially when the juggling of work, childcare and general life gets too much.

If you want to set up as a freelancer there are many different work from home jobs. But if you don’t already possess any of these skills, can you still be self-employed?

It’s never too late to learn something new, so if lack of experience is stopping you from living the freelance dream, here are some suggestions for great online courses for freelancers you could take to find work you can do from home…


Top online courses for freelancers

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.


Social media courses

This is a popular area for many people choosing to set up their own business from home and a subject that most of us know something about. Using social media for business is very different to using it for your personal life though so it’s a good idea to take a course to learn about social media marketing.

I took two online courses in social media, both through The Shaw Academy. You attend live webinars with experienced trainers and take part in the sessions by answering and asking questions. There are also assignments to do along the way and a test in order to pass the course at the end. If you’re short of time and unable to attend the live sessions, it’s possible to watch the recorded webinars later.

You can get the Diploma in Social Media Marketing for free and sign up to the Advanced course later.

Creative Live also offers various Online Social Media Classes, all run by social media experts and influencers and covering lots of different areas.


Digital marketing courses

If you want to offer a bit more than just Social Media, it’s a great idea to take a course in Digital Marketing so that you can offer other online marketing services to your freelance clients.

I have also taken the Digital Marketing course from The Shaw Academy which teaches you about SEO, Sales Funnels, Blogging, and Viral Marketing amongst other subjects.

Creative Live’s Online Marketing & Sales Classes include how to create marketing plans, building a brand, email marketing and more.



Blogging courses

Knowing the ins and outs of blogging is a great skill for freelancers. As well as being able to make money from your own blog, you can also offer freelance writing to your clients as an addition to social media or marketing.

If you want to start your own blog one of the best online blogging courses is the FREE Start a money-making blog course from Ana at The She Approach. Ana also offers a fantastic Affiliate Marketing Course (also free) and the Blog Traffic Ebook.

Another excellent course from Creative Live is the Build a Successful Creative Blog course that in just three days will teach you about copywriting and how to create a powerful, traffic-generating blog.

I went on a bit of a learning spree with The Shaw Academy and also completed the Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing which is a really good course if you want to learn some blogging skills outside of just running a personal blog.

A Beautiful Mess offer courses such as Blog Life which teaches wannabe bloggers how to identify their audience, write successful blog posts, manage an editorial schedule, and optimise traffic.


Web design courses

Another great idea for online courses for freelancers is Web Design. These days every business needs a website so if you know how to build websites you can be guaranteed to never be short of freelance web design clients. An easy place to start is WordPress as most small businesses don’t need anything much more complex than a simple WordPress site.

There are four WordPress tutorials on the Creative Live site including building a responsive WordPress site and building an eCommerce site.

If you want to go a bit deeper into Web Design you can take the Diploma in Web Development from The Shaw Academy which includes HTML, CSS and PHP.


Teaching English courses

I’ve spoken to many mums here in Spain who have set themselves up as freelance English teachers. From the comfort of their own homes, they offer online English lessons to students around the world.

To do this you will usually need a TEFL qualification which is a fairly easy course to complete, some employers will also require a degree but not all ask for this.

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is trusted by employers worldwide and offers a 120-hour express TEFL course. You can get 10% off site-wide with the coupon FUNDING.


As you can see there are many options for online courses for freelancers available – you might just need to do a bit of studying in order to get yourself ready for going self-employed. Have you taken any good online courses?

If you work for yourself, what do you do? If you dream of becoming self-employed, is there something you’d like to do from home?



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