Indoor rainy day activities to suit all ages

  • September 13, 2019
indoor rainy day activities

Believe it or not, we’ve just had some storms here in Spain accompanied by torrential rain. They even closed the local schools for a couple of days because it was so bad. Luckily the forecast next week is back to normal September sunshine again, but it’s been a bit of a shock to have to find some rainy day activities all of a sudden!

No matter where you live, there are going to be days where the weather outside isn’t so great. This may be in the form of rainy days when you need to stay indoors, but there are also days here when it’s so hot it’s unsafe to spend too much time outside. There are lots of places to visit when it rains, however indoor activities for children, whether big or small, are always useful to have up your sleeve to keep them entertained at home on these occasions.

Here are some ideas for indoor rainy day activities to suit all ages to keep the entertainment levels high and the tantrum levels low…


Nearly all children will be enthusiastic about getting the paints out and putting them to paper. It’s also scientifically proven that painting calms the mind, increases creativity, and also helps brain development. So before the rainy weather arrives to ensure your art supplies are stocked up, and you have plenty of options for your children to paint on and with. Your children can create some artwork for your walls that will brighten up your living space.

Why not do some research with your children and find out about the different types of artwork and tools available. You and the kids may be surprised to learn some new techniques and some low-cost tools that work for various types of paint. Why not see if you can create something amazing together?



As parents, we’re always trying to reduce the amount of electronic device time that our children have, and it can sometimes feel like a losing battle. However, there are many different apps and educational tv shows available to your children on their tablets and phones, that are going to either improve their studies, develop their maths/English/other languages, or even create some teamwork and overall effort. It may even be worth looking for a cheap Xbox One and setting it up for the children just at the right time when they’re about to start climbing the walls.

It will certainly give you some peace for a couple of hours!

Play board games

You probably have a stack of board games in the cupboard, but how often do you actually get them out to play with? We can sometimes get so wrapped up in new activities that we forget to slow down enough to play a good old fashioned board game together. You’ll see the difference in your children once you get the board games out, and may even find that some teamwork will improve your family relationships.  There are so many family board games that are suitable for various ages such as Monopoly, checkers, Connect Four, and even Dobble (which can become a little competitive) – why not try them all out? Card games are also a lot of fun and even educational, our favourite is Uno.


Build a den

All kids love building a den or a fort. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, push some chairs together and throw a blanket over the top, or put a sheet over the dining table. We’ve used a large cardboard box before which has the added benefit of the children being allowed to decorate the ‘walls’ of their den. Make it cosy with blankets, pillows, and their favourite toys and it will keep kids amused for ages.


In the end, children will always find something to do to entertain themselves when they’re not able to burn off their energy outdoors and you really don’t want them to start destroying the house! It may be a wise idea to have a little toolkit of items that will keep you and your family occupied should the weather take a turn for the worse.

What are your favourite indoor rainy day activities?


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    Such a fun set of activities! Sounds like you’re very well organised. It is very useful to have these things in home during raining season.


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