5 Outdoor Activities Children Can Enjoy During The Holidays

  • August 19, 2019

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The summer holidays can be a great time for families to have days out together and enjoy some of the summer sunshine. Children can get over-excited about the holidays when there’s no more school work, uniforms, and early mornings.

Before the holidays, there are lots of ways that working mums can plan for the holidays, from booking time off work to scheduling play dates. However, once the initial excitement is over about the holidays, it can sometimes be a struggle to find new ways to entertain the kids.

After having a few days out and meals out, sometimes it’s difficult to think of new ways to keep them entertained. Rather than staying indoors watching TV or playing computer games, there are many different activities children can get involved in outside instead. If you’re looking for fun ways to keep your kids entertained outdoors, here are some activities that they can get involved in this summer.


1. Staying cool by going swimming

Swimming is one fun activity that parents can get involved in with their kids over the summer. Nothing makes the summer more satisfying than getting into the water on a sunny day. Swimming is a fun activity that kids of all ages can enjoy, whether at the beach or a local pool. It’s a physical activity that kids can take part in over the summer to keep them active and cool, as well as learning or improving a new skill.

If you don’t want to head far from home, then you can easily set up a small pool in your back garden too. Children can even have fun pool parties at home when the weather is good and can invite all of their friends to join.


2. Playing with their scooter

When your child wants to play outside, one of the best alternatives to bikes is kids’ scooters. One of the best things about scooters is that your child can be exercising while having loads of fun. Playing on a scooter can help them to stay active during the holidays and can also help improve their balance.

Children can enjoy playing with their scooter at home or even at a local skate park. If your child is looking for a fun scooter to play with, why not have a look at Slick Willie’s best stunt scooters for beginners that they can learn tricks on. Heading to a skate park can also help children enhance their social skills by playing with other children there.


3. Going on a family camping trip

If you’re thinking of getting away from home during the holidays, then a family camping trip is another great outdoor activity that children can enjoy. There are plenty of campsites to choose from that the whole family will love, such as campsites by the coast or located in a woodland area. Camping is a great opportunity to get kids involved in hiking, pitching tents, birdwatching, and more.

Camping is a fun outdoor activity that can help kids stay active and get more fresh air outdoors during their holidays. It can also be a great way for parents to unwind, spend more time with their kids, and forget about their work for a while.

4. Learning how to skateboard

Children can enjoy hours of fun when they have a bike, scooter, or toys to play with. Skateboards are also another fun activity that children can enjoy when they’re bored at home. Learning to skateboard can help children stay active, exercise, and improve their balance.

Skateboards can also keep the little ones entertained in the garden on the days when parents need to stay at home and work. Kids can also take their skateboard to the local skatepark to learn new tricks and socialise with other children.


5. Going on a family bike ride

Heading out for a family bike ride is one fun and exciting activity that will keep the whole family busy and active. A family bike ride is a perfect way to get everyone outside if the weather is nice and you’ve been stuck indoors a lot.

There are lots of parks and trails you can explore together and enjoy the sunshine as you cycle. Bike rides are the perfect way to enjoy more time outdoors and spend more time as a family. It gives everyone the chance to get some fresh air and explore new places together.


Whether your child enjoys swimming or loves playing on their scooter, these activities can help keep them busy and entertained over summer. These suggestions can help keep kids active, outdoors, and away from TV screens. Even if the weather is bad outside, there are plenty of other activities for kids to enjoy indoors. Baking and making play dough are just some fun indoor activities that your child can enjoy over the summer holidays, especially if the weather isn’t so great.




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