Money saving tips for feeding a family

  • August 16, 2019

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Feeding a family is expensive, especially when your kids get to the stage of wanting a snack every 5 minutes. For most families, the weekly food shop is the biggest expense but there are some fairly easy ways to spend less and save some cash.

If you want to save some pennies, here are some handy money saving tips for feeding a family on a budget…


Make your own bread

Whilst bread isn’t that expensive you can get through quite a few loaves when you have packed lunches to make every day, and it’s much cheaper to buy all the ingredients and go down the homemade route. Making your own bread is also fun and makes your house smell amazing! These gluten-free bread recipes are easy to follow and great inspiration for your own unique homemade bread that the whole family will love.


Plan your meals

This is one money saving tip I have to stick to – we spend so much less on a food shop when we have planned what to have for dinner for the next week. Write down your meal ideas, and try to think of a few meals where some of the same ingredients can be used so no spare vegetables etc get thrown away. Stick to your list when you go shopping and don’t get tempted to stray off-plan.


Online shopping

One of the things I miss since moving to Spain is my weekly online food shop! It’s a godsend for saving money, as well as time. I used to sit in front of Netflix, write down my meal plan for the week and then order it all online. If I got to the end and the total was more than I wanted to spend then I’d just take a few things out of the shopping basket. It’s much easier to look at prices online as well, when you go to the supermarket I find that you don’t really look at prices as just want to get in and out as quickly as possible.


Go meat-free

Now if I said to my family we were going to go vegetarian I wouldn’t be popular! However, if I served them pasta without meat, or an omelette and salad, or homemade pizza with no meat on they probably wouldn’t even notice they were eating a meat-free meal.

I wouldn’t be able to get away with it for too many days in a row, but going meat-free a couple of times a week will save you quite a bit of money on your food shopping. It’s also a good way to get more vegetables into your kids.


Shop around

I know this is tough when you work as there’s just not enough time to go to different supermarkets. However, if possible check out different deals and buy things like meat in one of the cheaper supermarkets or at the local butchers. If you see a good deal buy loads and put it in the freezer for another day.


Use leftovers

This is one we do regularly, mostly because sometimes we just overcook! Spaghetti bolognese, chilli, lasagne, shepherds pie are all great to cook in a larger quantity and freeze for another day. Just remember to write on the container what it is – we’ve had many a meal of Chilli Bolognese or Spaghetti con Carne because we forgot what we’d frozen.

As well as saving money, using leftovers is great for when you’ve had a busy day and just can’t be bothered to cook.


Make packed lunches

My last money saving tips is not buying lunches! Have you ever added up how much everyone spends on lunches and snacks through the week? It’s a good idea to have a look as can be a bit of a wake-up call to how much £3 here and there on a meal deal adds up to! When you do your meal planning include lunches for the week so you don’t need to resort to shop-bought sandwiches. Use some of those left-overs for work, these will fill you up more as well and you’ll find you need fewer snacks to get you through the afternoon.


I hope these tips help you to save money on food shopping. Do you have any other great money saving tips for feeding a family to share?


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