7 tips to keep kids cool in a heatwave

  • July 22, 2019

Having now lived in Spain for 2 months where pretty much every day has been over 30° Celsius, I’ve picked up some good tips and tricks to help you survive this UK heatwave that’s been promised.

Hot summer weather is great fun until the kids start complaining they’re too hot and get irritable, or can’t sleep at night.

Here are 7 tips to survive a heatwave with kids…

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Drink plenty of water

This might sound obvious to us but it can be hard to get children to drink enough water. Hot temperatures and not enough liquids can end in dehydration and heat exhaustion.

You could buy a fun drinks bottle that your child wants to drink from (Little H chose this Doug the Pug one!) or one with times on like this bottle that turns drinking water into a bit of a challenge.

If you really struggle how about making ice lollies from water and a bit of squash using an ice lolly mould or just freezing a plastic water bottle with water and juice in it.


Find Water

Staying on the water theme, sitting in water or at least sitting with your feet in it is a great way to stay cool. We’re lucky enough to have access to a communal pool but I also recently bought a paddling pool that Little H can use when we’re not free to take her swimming.

Put a few toys in the water, prop up an umbrella for some shade and the kids will stay there for hours.

If you’re near a beach that’s often the coolest place to be, and local rivers are great fun for paddling in as well.


Water fight

Who doesn’t love a water fight! A great way to cool down, lots of fun, and it doesn’t cost much money!

You can use water pistols, a sprinkler, hose or just plastic cups of water to throw at each other.

Stay indoors

This is something the Spanish do when it gets too hot and we need to get used to doing it ourselves – at the moment the sun is still a novelty to us and we want to be outside in it as much as possible!

But if it’s a really hot day and everyone is getting too hot and bothered it’s ok to stay inside. Set up some games, build a den, do some crafts, and stay out of the sun for a bit.


Loose clothing

If you really have to put clothes on then make sure it’s loose clothing. I did a Primark and H&M shop for Little H to buy dresses, comfy shorts and vest tops.

No denim, nothing tight, and light fabrics.


Invest in a fan

If it’s going to be hot for more than a day or two you’ll probably need to invest in a fan, especially to use at night.

We have air-conditioning but it’s very expensive to run so we bought a few of these freestanding fans to place around the house – they’ve been a godsend at night! Buy online and you won’t have to queue up with everyone else who’s had the same idea.


Cool bath or shower

When the kids (or you!) get too hot or just feel a bit clammy, a cool bath or shower works wonders. It’s a good idea before bed so they go to bed feeling as cool as possible. Then stick on the fan and hopefully, they’ll be asleep in no time.

Do you have any other ways you keep everyone cool in a heatwave? I hope some of these ideas help you this summer!


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