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  • April 1, 2019

Do you know what one of my pet hates is? All those magazines they put by the entrance of shops so there’s no way you can sneak past with a child without being begged for a magazine full of adverts and plastic tat. I wouldn’t mind if Little H actually looked through them when we got home, but once the plastic toys have been ripped from the cover, the magazine won’t even be read.

So, when I was approached by Brilliant Brainz magazine, I was very interested to find out more – an educational magazine aimed at kids with no plastic toys!

Brilliant Brainz is a monthly magazine aimed at 6 – 12-year-olds, packed full of creative and educational activities, quizzes, recipes, stories and facts. Subjects include animals, food, the environment, music, art and lots more – everything that kids are interested in. The best bit for parents is that these magazines don’t contain any adverts or toys!

Little H is 8 next month and loves reading and learning new facts, so she was really pleased when the magazines arrived and didn’t waste any time in opening them.

We were sent 3 copies of the magazine, all bright, colourful and jam-packed with lots of great information.

I loved the fact that as well as lots of great info and facts, there were lots of ways for kids to get more involved such as recipes and quizzes. There are also lots of pages that ask kids to write down their thoughts and encourage them to think about the subject.

One of the subjects I liked was ‘Happiness’, I think this is an important subject for children to be prompted to think about and we had a good conversation around this.

Brilliant Brainz Happiness

Little H has been learning about recycling recently at school so it was great to find some pages on examples of recycling in one of the magazines.

Brilliant Brainz recycling

You should be able to find lots of great information that will help your child with their school work or homework projects.

Little H is also animal mad so really enjoyed learning about winter animals and how to make a bird feeder.

Brilliant Brainz animals

I found her reading the magazines before school which was a very nice surprise as she usually watches TV in the mornings while she waits for me to get ready, and also just before bed which is normally ‘witching hour’!

There’s plenty in the magazines to keep children occupied for a while, you don’t need to worry that after a quick flick through they are done as is the case with most kids’ magazines. Little H has gone back a few times to fill out some of the quizzes and questions, and also to read the stories and facts.

I would really recommend Brilliant Brainz to any parents who hate the usual childrens’ magazines, and are looking for educational magazines for children. They would also be a great buy for anyone who homeschools.

If you like the sound of these magazines, subscriptions to Brilliant Brainz start at £3.99 per month and you can cancel at any time. You can view all subscribe options here.






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  • MamaBuzz

    Interesting read! Mine is still 7 month old baby so it’s not applicable but somewhere down the road, I’ll check it out:)


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