Why being a working mum is good for your kids

  • March 21, 2019

If you’re a working mum you will probably have experienced quite a lot of mum guilt since going back to work, whether you work because you need the money or simply because you want to.

You’re not alone, I wrote this post a while back where some of my fellow mummy bloggers shared some of the ridiculous things they’d suffered ‘mum guilt’ over. We’ve all been there!

But did you know that being a working mum is actually good for your kids?! Clever research type people have said so – so there’s no need to feel guilty.

Now I’m not for a minute saying that being a stay at home mum is bad for your kids, I’m not into putting mums against each other. However, as a working mum myself, I think it’s important to support others in the same situation. So if you regularly feel the working mum guilt and it’s keeping you awake at night, here are 5 reasons why being a working mum is good for your kids…

Your daughters will be Boss Babes!

A Harvard study showed that girls with mums who work outside of the home will grow up to be more successful at work than their peers. They’ll go further in their education, end up getting paid more, and are more likely to be employed in supervising and managerial positions. So you’re doing them a big favour!

Your sons will be caring adults

Research also showed that sons of working mums spend more time caring for family members in adulthood, and more time actually being in the home. Great news for when you’re older and need looking after!

You’re helping to break down gender stereotypes

Being a mum and having a career helps to show your children that not just dads leave the home to go to work. If you and your partner have to juggle housework and childcare between you, this gives children a more balanced view of male and female roles.

You’re a role model

Being a working mum shows your kids that it is possible to do both and to do it successfully. As your children grow older they will see how hard you work for your family are more likely to follow in your footsteps. Doing something you love also gives your kids the confidence to follow their dreams.

Your kids will be happy

None of the research done found any difference in the happiness of children of working mums and that of the children of stay at home mums. Basically, kids are just as happy either way so you’re not ruining their childhood by going to work every day.


I hope the points above have given you some good reasons not to feel guilty about working because you really shouldn’t!



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