So You Want To Start A Mummy Blog?

  • February 6, 2019
how to start a mummy blog

I still find it weird when people ask me for blogging advice – ME! I’m normally the one looking at other bloggers for their tips, but I’ve been blogging for 4 years now so it is nice when people think I’m worth going to for advice.

I gave a friend of a friend a little list last week of things to do to help her get her mummy blog started, and thought it might also be a good idea to create a post for those of you who aren’t bloggers yet but have been thinking of getting started.

If you are thinking of starting your own mummy blog, here are some things I’ve learnt in my 4 years of blogging….


Why should you start a blog?

I started this blog when Little H was 3 years old and my main aim at the time was to have my own website that I could use to learn more about social media, blogging and SEO to help me further my career in Digital Marketing. I didn’t really want to be another ‘mummy blogger’ but being a mum is the biggest part of my life so I wasn’t sure what else I could write about! My plan worked and I was promoted to SEO and Content Manager last year – I would definitely put a lot of this down to how much I have learnt through this little blog.

Blogging has also given me something to do! I don’t really have any hobbies as such but I’ve always enjoyed writing and anything creative. If I didn’t spend my evenings blogging I would  just be sat on the sofa watching Netflix every night! It’s also given me some great opportunities to work with brands, meet other bloggers and attend some great events and attractions.

More recently, blogging has also allowed me to earn a bit of extra money outside of my part-time job. I don’t spend anywhere near enough time on my blog to earn enough money to be a full-time blogger, but I managed to earn just over £1000 from blogging last year which isn’t something I expected when I first started Digital Motherhood.

There are lots of reasons to start a blog of your own, here are just a few…

  • Start a hobby you can do from home and around the kids
  • Learn some new skills such as writing, photography and social media
  • New opportunities and adventures for you and your family
  • Make some new online friends
  • A way to earn some extra money


Things to be aware of before starting a blog

Blogging isn’t as easy as most people think, I would go as far as saying that non-bloggers have absolutely no clue about the amount of work that goes into running your own blog. It isn’t something you can work on here and there when you feel like it – if you want to build a successful blog you need to be consistent.

I work on this blog every single day of the week, there’s always some blogging tasks to work on, whether it’s writing blog posts, promoting my content on social media, taking photos, or reading ebooks and taking courses to improve my blogging skills. If you also go to work, it means that pretty much all of your free time is taken up by your blog.

Although I mentioned above that I earnt a nice little sum of money from my blog in 2018, I also spent a fair bit of money on blogging related items. If you want to blog seriously you need to invest in hosting, a domain name and social media scheduling tools amongst lots of other things.

But if that hasn’t put you off and you still want to start a mummy blog of your own, here’s how to get started…


How to start a mummy blog

Disclaimer: some of the links included below are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase through a link.


Connect with other bloggers

Before you get started, follow some other bloggers on social media. Engage with their content, ask them questions, and make some friends who will be willing to help you when you start your own blog.

Bloggers are (mostly!) a friendly bunch and will be more than happy to answer any questions and share their ideas and opinions to give you a helping hand.


Subscribe to blogs you like

When you come across blogs you like, subscribe to them to receive regular updates and new posts. This will give you some inspiration for your own blog, and also ensure that you receive any top tips that these bloggers email out to their contact list.

Subscribe to blogs that are similar to your own, and also blogs that cover more general blogging tips so that you get a good mix of advice.


Polish up on your digital marketing skills

If you don’t know how to make your posts SEO friendly, aren’t sure how to use Pinterest, have no idea what no-follow and do-follow links are, and no knowledge of HTML then I would recommend taking some courses or reading some ebooks before starting your blog.

It’s much easier to start off on the right foot and not have to go back and edit posts later on when you learn something new.

Some useful courses and ebooks I’ve used over the years include:

Build a Successful Creative Blog (course)

Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing (course)

FREE Social Media Marketing (course)

Grow your blog and boost your traffic (ebook)

How to use Pinterest & Tailwind (ebook)


Think about your niche

Give some consideration to what you want to blog about and who you want to reach. There are a lot of different types of Mummy blogs and so many topics you could cover so you need to be a bit more specific on what area of being a mum you want to blog about.

For example, my niche is working mums with children at school. Maybe you are a mummy of twins or triplets? Or the mum of a child with SEN? Whatever your ‘speciality’ try to narrow your main blog topics down to this niche.


Choose a name for your blog

Get your blog name decided before you start building your blog. It can take a while but is important to choose a name early on so that you can make sure the domain name and social media usernames to go with it are all free.

Write down all the words you can think of that are associated with you, your family, your blog and your chosen niche. Use a thesaurus to find alternative words and mix & match different combinations until you find one you like.

Before you make your final decision, check for other companies and blogs with the same or similar name. My original blog name was ‘Life of a Digital Mum’ and just a few months after starting my blog I was told to change it by the company Digital Mums who had trademarked ‘Digital Mum’. It was a hassle at the time but I think I ended up with a better name in the end!


Go self-hosted

You can use a completely free blogging platform such as or Blogger, or you can spend the money to go self-hosted by buying some webspace through a hosting company.

A self-hosted blog allows you to customise your blog and add adverts if you want to monetise later on. You can start off on a free platform and transfer to self-hosted at a later date, but it will be easier to start off self-hosted from the beginning.

There are many hosting companies all offering great packages to new customers. I’ve used a couple of different ones and the only one I think is worth recommending is Siteground who I’ve now been using for 2 years across 2 blogs.

Web Hosting


Design your brand

Yes, you do need branding for your blog. And a logo!

Don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Pick 2 or 3 colours and use these throughout your blog, logo, social media accounts etc. This will help people to recognise your content when they see it across the web.

You can design a logo in Canva or PicMonkey, or use a website like Fiverr to get someone to create a logo for you. Look for any offers and free trials to start off with so you don’t have to fork out too much money from day one.

Get a 7-day Free Trial of PicMonkey

Pick a theme that complements your branding – there are hundreds of free WordPress themes or you can purchase one from Etsy or a site like ThemeIsle that has lots of different themes to choose from.


Have a plan

You always need a plan! Decide which days you want to publish posts on your blog. When will you be able to work on your blog? How much time will you have to sit down and schedule your social media posts?

Get a planner or use an online tool such as Trello, and write down your to-do lists and schedules so you can keep track of what you need to do.

It’s also a good idea to make a note of all blog post ideas you have so you have some topics to get you started.


So if you want to start a mummy blog, make sure you do your research first, have a plan, and be prepared to put in some hard work!

If you have any questions on starting your own blog, feel free to add them to the comments section below and I will do my best to answer them. Alternatively, feel free to drop me an email!


Mummy in a Tutu


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