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Meeting Father Christmas at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

  • December 4, 2018
Meeting Father Christmas at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

This weekend was out first Christmassy event of the year – we were invited to be one of the first to visit Father Christmas at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park.

We have been to the SEA LIFE Adventure Park before and had a great time, so thought we’d head down there early to spend some time looking around first. The weather was miserable, but luckily the rain mostly held off as a lot of the attraction is outside.

When we arrived we headed for the rock pools which Little H loves. It was a bit too cold to put our hands in the water but she enjoyed looking for lobsters through the magnifying glass.

Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

We also watched the Humboldt penguins being fed, before going to the Ocean Tunnel for the turtle feeding time.

Unfortunately, it started to rain so we missed the seals being fed but had fun watching them later on. Did you know seals enjoy swimming upside down?! We didn’t but it kept us amused for a bit!

Seals at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

Our ‘Santa slot’ wasn’t until 4:30 pm so we had plenty of time to go to each area and check out seahorses, tropical fish, jellyfish, a few very weird looking fish and we even found Nemo and Dory!

Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

Just before our timeslot, we made our way to the  Reindeer Stable where we’d been told to wait for an elf to collect us! It was full of hay and Christmas decorations and Little H enjoyed having a look around.

Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

Before long two elves came to meet us – Glitterella and Jingle McTinsel! They walked us across the boardwalk to Father Christmas’s cabin and chatted to Little H along the way and asked her lots of questions. The Christmas Cabin is nestled in a festive forest made up of mini fir trees where we stopped for Little H and the elves to do a special magic spell to make it snow which she thought was great.

Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

It was then time to knock on the door of the Grotto and go and meet Father Christmas. The cabin was decorated beautifully and looked very authentic. It was also lovely and warm after being outside in the cold!

I’m always a bit dubious when taking Little H to meet Father Christmas, especially as she is getting older. She can spot a fake beard a mile off and normally tells us “he’s not the real one”! However, this Father Christmas was great, no fake beards in sight and when we left Little H said “That’s definitely the real Santa, he had a real beard!”

Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

He was really friendly and sounded just like you’d expect Father Christmas to sound. He asked Little H the usual questions about whether she’d been good and what she wanted for Christmas, as well as telling her about his journey and which countries he visits first. He also asked if we had a chimney and when we explained we leave a magic key outside he told Little H he’d put it back through the letterbox for us. Little H was a little bit starstruck so there wasn’t a huge amount of conversation on her part, but Father Christmas and the elves were all very friendly and tried to engage her in conversation.

We thought the whole thing was really well done, the stable, grotto and Father Christmas were all very convincing for kids and much better than ones we’ve been to elsewhere. I didn’t think the present was that great (I won’t spoil the surprise though) but I do think that the rest of the experience made up for it. Little H certainly wasn’t disappointed with her gift and talked about meeting Santa the whole way home – pretty impressive to convince a smart 7-year old I think!

If you want to meet Father Christmas at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park he arrives on Saturday 8th December and will be there throughout weekends until 17th – 23rd December when he will be there daily.  There will also be a Christmas Craft Zone to keep children entertained with colouring their own Christmas tree decorations and writing a letter to Father Christmas. Pre-booking is recommended and you can book tickets on their website.

Wherever you go to meet Father Christmas this year I hope you have lots of fun!



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  • me and b make tea (@meandbmaketea)

    That is an awesome beard! No fakes in sight! my son is only five but is already suspicious and asks way too many questions! Although like your H, my B zips it when he finally does get to meet the man himself! Completely starstruck too! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  • typicalmummy

    It looks and sounds like you had a great time and that Santa looks fabulous…very realistic! I also love that you managed to get Nemo and Dory in the same shot!!! #KCACOLS

  • Virtually All Sorts (@AllSortsHere)

    It sounds like a lovely experience and very believable which is mission accomplished really isn’t it? #kcacols

  • LanaPummill

    Santa looks fabulous! This looks like so much fun! I love the pictures. My boys would love this. Thanks for sharing! #KCACOLS

  • Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

    This guy does look like the real deal. Well done Weymouth! #KCACOLS


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