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What we did in November

  • December 1, 2018

Well here we are in December – how did that happen? I’m sure 5 minutes ago we were enjoying that amazing summer?!

It’s nearly Christmas, though it’ll still be a few weeks before I get in the Christmas spirit. We have a few fun things planned for December though so I’m sure I’ll be feeling festive very soon.

I can’t really remember what we did in November, it felt like it was a bit of a quiet month for us – partly down to the rubbish weather, it seemed to rain most weekends down here. But taking a look through my photos it wasn’t as quiet as I thought!

Here’s what we got up to in November…


At the start of November, we went to a fireworks display at Little H’s school. It was a good night with a great display, fish & chips, sweets, music and Little H saw lots of her friends. It was flipping freezing though!


Sandy Balls

We’re very lucky to be able to have access to a cabin at Sandy Balls holiday park near Fordingbridge. It’s in the middle of the woods at the edge of the New Forest and there are loads of walks for miles around and plenty to keep kids amused. We went over with my parents and left our Halloween pumpkins in the woods – the rangers stopped by to collect them all up and cut them up to feed the squirrels, rabbits, deer etc.

Sandy Balls

We also went for a walk down to ‘Giant’s Grave’ where you can see for miles and through the woods where we found a dipping pond, toadstools that looked like they were straight out of a fairytale and lots of leaves to stomp in.

Beach Walk

There seemed to be a hell of a lot of rain in November didn’t there?! One weekend it was torrential so we had a duvet day on the Saturday and the rain continued into Sunday. There was a very small window of blue sky on Sunday so we raced down to the beach for a quick walk. It was nice to get some fresh air and have a run around on the beach. We just about made it back to the car before the heavens opened again.

Branksome Chine

Tyneham Village

We jumped in the car and drove towards the Purbecks without any real idea of where we were going to end up. We found ourselves at Tyneham Village which is a place we visited last year and Little H really enjoyed it.

Tyneham Village

Tyneham Village is a ruined village that was taken over by the Army in WW2. The people that lived there were forced to evacuate as the Army wanted to use it, and they were never allowed back. The houses are ruins but the church and school are intact. It’s a really interesting place and very eerie reading about the families who used to live there. Well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Sandy Balls…. again

Last weekend we headed back to Sandy Balls and spent a couple of nights in the cabin. We went on Friday night after school and work and took our dinner with us. On Saturday it was pouring with rain so we had a lazy morning reading our books and watching films which was lovely and relaxing. It stopped raining in the afternoon so we went for a walk through the woods and along the river.

Sandy Balls Holiday Camp

On Saturday night we went for pizza at the restaurant on site before heading back to the cabin for another evening of reading and film watching – it was quite nice to be without WiFi or 4G for a bit! On Sunday we went for a walk up to the Good Friday Hill viewpoint before heading back home to get the school uniform ready and homework done.


So that’s what we got up to in November! I’m looking forward to all the Christmassy days out over the next month, check out my Instagram to find out what we get up to each week.

What have you got planned for December?



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