Ultimate List Of Autumn Activities For Kids

  • September 21, 2018
Ultimate List Of Autumn Activities For Kids

It’s that time of year again… where I’m crying over the fact that summer has gone and cold, rainy weather is on its way.

However, as much as I don’t like the cooler British weather, I do like lots of the things we get up to in the autumn months. I guess it’s because if you wrap up warm it’s still not too cold, and a bright sunny autumn day can still feel fairly warm.

I wrote a post a while back on reasons to love autumn to try and get me over my depression of the end of the summer. I thought I’d write a similar post but aimed at things to do with kids. I started to write the post with the aim of listing 10 autumn activities but ended up thinking of A LOT more.

So instead I’ve written a massive list that I hope gives you some good ideas, especially if you’re also pining for summer. There are lots of autumn outdoor activities for when (hopefully!) the weather is nice, but also some indoor activities for when it rains.

You might want to bookmark this list of things to do in autumn with kids so you have some ideas next time they complain they’re bored…

Ultimate list of autumn activities for kids

  • The best thing about the change in season has got to be going on an autumn walk in the woods to see all the different colours.

Autumn colours

  • While on your walk, collect some autumn treasures – leaves, pinecones, acorns. You could even make it into an autumn scavenger hunt.
  • If you’ve managed to collect lots of autumn treasures you can then try my 3 easy autumn craft ideas – leaf pictures, lanterns and sun catchers. These are really simple autumn crafts to make so ideal for younger children.

How to make a leaf sun catcher

Stomping in leaves

Make an autumn fairy outfit with felt leaves

Go pumpkin picking

  • Kids love to pick up pinecones, acorns, sticks, leaves and goodness knows what else. Empty those pockets and make an autumn sensory tray with their collection.
  • Autumn is the perfect time of year to go bird watching.
  • Paint some rocks in autumn designs and hide them outdoors.
  • There are loads of great autumn printable activities to be found on Printerest including these great autumn colouring sheets.
  • If you want to do something a bit educational these autumnal alphabet wreaths are perfect for pre-schoolers.
  • Carve your pumpkins into some cool designs, here are ours from last year…

Running through a corn maze

  • Show the kids how to knit a scarf ready for winter.
  • Build a bonfire in the back garden and toast some marshmallows – or just turn on the BBQ.
  • If it’s rainy outside why not build a den in the lounge and watch a movie.
  • If you didn’t manage to take the kids to watch the sunset over the summer because it was so late, make the most of the darker evenings and head out to watch it now.

Autumn sunset over the beach

  • Host a fireworks party in your garden. If you don’t have the room, sparklers are more than enough to keep kids entertained.
  • And then it’s getting to about that time to sit down and write your Christmas list or letter to Santa!

I hope that’s given you some ideas to keep you busy with the kids this autumn?

What are your favourite things to do in the autumn?


The colder and wetter weather is on it's way and you might be wondering what to do with the children? Check out my Ultimate List Of Autumn Activities For Kids for some inspiration and ideas | #autumn #fall #kids #familyfun #parenting
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  • Little Steps/Dean B (@LittleStepsTwit)

    Our most favourite bit about autumn is raking the leaves and making a huge pile so my daughter could jump into them! 🙂

  • curiousandgeeks

    That’s a great collection of ideas. We love admiring the decorated houses during the Halloween period!

  • The Frozen Mind

    Great list! My kids are grown so I may do some of these anyway! Never too old to enjoy fall activities!

    This is really great list of fun things to do!


  • ChelseaMamma

    We have just seen a fab offer for pumpkin picking on groupon, and I cannot wait to take the kids as they loved it last year

  • Laura (@dearbearandbean)

    I love Autumn! We’ve planned our pumpkin picking, we love it

  • Debbie Nicholas

    Aww this looks fab we are always looking for new things to do each season.

  • Madeline (This Glorious Life)

    What a brilliant list of ideas, enough to keep us busy all autumn! I really love this time of year, there’s something really lovely about getting out in the crisp autumn air for a good walk! x #KCACOLS

  • fashionandstylepolice

    I am loving the ideas here. The weather currently feels like Winter where I am which sucks. I hope the cold chills out a little.

  • Jo - Cup of Toast

    I love this list! I love autumn but will come back here for craft inspiration. Thank you very much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza 🙂

  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    There are some really good ideas for activities here! I’m itching to go and pick a pumpkin! #blogstravaganza

  • Virtually All Sorts (@AllSortsHere)

    This is a really good list. I love Autumn and the extra cosiness and layers it brings. The walks are lovely. Nothing like fresh air! #kcacols

  • Mummy here and there

    Lovely ideas to get you feeling all autumnal X #Blogstravaganza

  • twicemicrowavedtea

    This is a brilliant list! For all Autumn can be miserable weather-wise, there is so much for children to do if they get out and about. We love collecting conkers and acorns! #kcacols

  • Grant R

    Conker hunting! And now I’m going to do spice painting with the kids too. I didn’t even know that was a thing. 🙂

  • laurasidestreet

    Autumn really is such a gorgeous time of the year to get outside and explore with kids – this is such a fantastic list of fun, creative and nature inspired things to do

    Laura x

  • Kate Eccles

    Dancing through piles of leaves actually has to be one of my favourite activities! Love Autumn! #KCACOLS

  • Beth Owen

    I love Autumn! Some fab activities to do on this list!
    Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS this week. Hope to see you again next week.

  • Peachy

    Some great ideas here. We’ve done a few of these already, some have been on our to do list for a while, and others are things we’ve never even thought of. Will be updating our to do list. #KCACOLS


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