How To Make The Perfect Reading Corner

  • September 10, 2018
How to make the perfect reading corner

We moved into our house 4 years ago, but have still only just got around to creating an area in Little H’s bedroom that we’ve been talking about for ages…. a reading corner.

She loves to read and I’d seen something similar on Pinterest ages ago that I wanted to try. After all, anything that encourages her to read rather than play Roblox or Minecraft is a good idea if you ask me!

I shared a photo of the new reading corner on my Facebook page and it was quite popular so thought I’d write a blog post around it to show you all how easy it was.

Little H doesn’t have a very big bedroom and there’s this really inconvenient ledge in the corner. We used to have her Ikea kitchen on top of it but she outgrew that a while back. It was the perfect space to use as somewhere she could curl up with a book or her toys.

I’ve spent hours on Pinterest looking at ideas for reading nooks for small spaces and pinning DIY children’s reading corner tutorials.

In the end, it was so easy to do, here’s what we did:

Reading Corner

Since I can’t sew, my mum made a large cushion to cover the ledge and some smaller bumpers to go around the sides, as well as a couple of pillows. All you need is a duvet cover to cut up into the right size and some stuffing – my mum used some feathers out of some old pillows.

Reading corner

We bought a set of bookshelves from Argos and some butterfly fairy lights from Primark. I used some cute cushions we already had, some cuddly toys and that was it! (Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take the Brainiac poster down!)

If you want to create a similar area in your child’s bedroom, here are some items that would work nicely in a reading corner, including cushions, shelves and soft toys.

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reading corner ideas

  1. Argos Book Shelves £14.99
  2. Jojo Siwa Cushion £7
  3. Catherine Lansfield Duvet Set £19
  4. Unicorn Cushion £7
  5. Habitat Fairy Lights £15
  6. Mud Pie Pom Pom Blanket £74

So far it has been really popular and I’ve found Little H fast asleep there rather than in her bed a few times!

Here are 5 tips to make the perfect children’s reading corner:

  • You need enough space – don’t worry if you don’t have too much room though, your little one will just need enough space to lie down and curl up comfortably.
  • Make it cosy – use lots of cushions and cuddly toys, as well as lights, to make it a cosy place to lay down with a book.
  • Let them choose – letting your child choose the duvet cover or cushions will get them involved and make them more likely to want to curl up and read a book there.
  • Easy to reach their books – make sure the bookshelves aren’t so high that they struggle to reach and risk pulling everything down when they try. There’s lots of children’s furniture that would fit in a reading nook if you want bookcases rather than shelves.
  • Do your research – get on Pinterest and see what reading corner ideas others have been sharing.

What do you think? Would something like this encourage your child to want to read more?


How to create the perfect reading corner in your child's bedroom | #readingcorner #kidsroom #kidsbedroom
How to create the perfect reading corner
How to create the perfect reading corner


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