The Great Minds Go Far Planner

  • September 3, 2018
Great Minds Go Far Planner

I’ve always got a plan (or several) up my sleeve, and usually about a million different things on the go at once – I have couple of blogs, some social media freelance work, a 30+ hour a week day job and the biggest job of all, being a mum.

With so much going on I love my lists and planners, I’d just forget everything otherwise. So when Great Minds asked me if I would like to review their Go Far Planner I was very interested in seeing what it was all about.


The Go Far Planner helps you to take control of your life, get more organised and feel more fulfilled. The planner is scientifically designed to coach you to success and is like having your very own life coach in the palm of your hand.

The Go Far planner comes in blue or grey and the cover is so soft it almost feels like leather and is bound together to make it really easy to keep all your notes in one place. It’s definitely a high-quality planner that you will want to write in every day.

The planner is broken down into 4 separate books – the Weekly Planner, the Goal Setting Guide and the Notebook.

Each one has lots of space to write down your dreams, goals, lists and anything else you want to put down on paper. They also include QR codes to link you to more tips and advice online in the Great Minds Knowledge Centre.

Great Minds Go Far QR Codes


Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner book is a 3 step coaching planner system to help you achieve your goals.

Great Minds Go Far Weekly Planner

You start by exploring your current life, reflecting over areas you’re happy with as well as those you want to improve. Next, you create your own inspiring goals which you will revise every 3 months.

Great Minds Go Far Weekly Planner

You then proceed to manage your weeks by keeping track of your progress and writing down any ideas. There are enough pages for 13 weeks, but you can buy refills if you want to carry on after that.

These sections include coaching tools and tips, weekly reflection, inspirational quotes and plenty of space to write notes. There are also some cards at the back to list your dreams, big and small.

Great Minds Go Far Weekly Planner Dreams

I’m using mine as a planner for my blogs. I’ve written down where I am now and what I want to achieve by the end of the year as well as longer term. I like the section for your weekly reward which is a great way to keep you motivated and celebrate any little (or big!) wins.

Goal Setting Guide

The Goal Setting Guide helps you to explore your dreams and set your own plan to make your goals a reality.

Great Minds Go Far Goal Setting Guide

The guide makes you think about your future, your current situation and any challenges you face, before putting together your action plan.

Great Minds Go Far Goal Setting Guide

There’s space for 12 different topics – enough for 1 goal for every month of the year. This book also includes lots of inspiring quotes to keep you motivated.

Great Minds Go Far Quotes

My goals include reaching certain stats and income levels on my blogs. These have been in my head for a while but putting them down on paper makes you think more seriously about just how you’re going to get there.


This book is pretty self-explanatory, a lovely dotted notebook where you can write down any ideas, thoughts, meeting notes or just to doodle in.

Great Minds Go Far Notebook

I’ve been using my notebook to keep track of my blog and social media stats – it’s an easy way to see your progress from month to month which fits into other parts of my plan.

Great Minds Go Far Notebook

The Go Far Planner is perfect for bloggers, small business owners or those who just like to set themselves a plan to follow. I’ve really enjoyed filling it in and it’s good to have some actions to follow through on. For some reason, if you write them down you feel more accountable! It’s really useful to have tips and advice on each section rather than just being left to it.

If you want to get your own Great Minds Go Far Planner you can use the discount code greatmindsfriends06 to get 10% off in the Great Minds shop.

Do you use a planner to keep track of your goals?



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