What do you want to see on Digital Motherhood?

  • August 13, 2018

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks (more about that in another blog post later) and have had a little break from blogging.

Some time away from the blog made me reflect on a few things including whether I want to carry on blogging and what I should be writing about. I’m 3 years into my blog now and part of me thinks it’s time for a few changes.

I’ve decided that I do want to carry on blogging, although do need to cut back a bit as there are some other things I need to spend time on. I also want to rebrand my blog as I’m a bit bored of the look after nearly 3 years of Digital Motherhood.

The topics I blog about – working mums, parenting, kids, days out – are all things I enjoy writing about but I started to wonder what you guys actually enjoy reading about? I’m not into cooking or crafts so there won’t be any recipe posts or Pinterest-worthy makes I’m afraid, but if you’ve been to my blog before you’ll already know that.

I don’t write many personal posts other than about our days out, as I’ not sure people are really interested in reading about the lives of someone they don’t know. I know all those posts about the milestones other people’s kids reach and what people wore to the shops bore me to tears. Maybe I’m wrong though, and you’d like to read more about us?

I stopped my Interview With A Working Mum series at the start of the year as I felt that it had run its course. I have thought about starting up another series, so maybe that could be on the cards if it’s something people would enjoy?

If you have time, could you answer the following poll by letting me know what posts you enjoy most and would like to see more of on this blog?

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”2″]

If you have any other comments or suggestions let me know in the comments below!

Thanks in advance.



  • Jessica Foley (@ModernMomsLife)

    Hey Sarah! I voted in your poll – I thought it would be a multi option one, so I only read the first line and clicked that one. (I didn’t even see what the other options were!)
    As far as what I like to read – working mom and parenting tips, travel days/out and about with photos, and I do like to read the odd “real life moment” mom blog posts. Especially if it’s relevant to me in some way (older kids, sensory processing issues, raising girls etc.)
    I hope you find your happy place with your blog!


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