A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole’s Best Beaches

  • July 10, 2018
branksome beach

We count ourselves very lucky to live in what we consider to be the best parts of the UK – it must be since a lot of people choose to come to Bournemouth and Poole on family holidays.

Having lived here for almost 40 years (eek!) my husband and I know the area really well and definitely have our favourite beaches.

We do tend to go to the beach more in the winter as in the summer they’re so packed full of tourists us locals can’t get anywhere near! However, with the current heatwave in the UK, we’ve been visiting the beaches more than usual and as the kids aren’t off school yet it hasn’t been too bad.

If you are planning a visit down to Dorset this summer (and you really should!), here is our guide to Bournemouth and Poole’s best beaches so you know which ones to head to…

Bournemouth Beach

Now this one is actually our least favourite in the area but I’ve included it as I know a lot of people down here on holiday will love the bits we don’t! Bournemouth beach is a couple of minute’s walk from the town centre so if you’re staying in town then it’s really easy to get to, just a stroll through Bournemouth Gardens.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Bournemouth Pier and beach

The main part is called Pier Approach and has restaurants, water fountains, a giant ferris wheel, amusement arcades, an aquarium and of course Bournemouth Pier where you can find another restaurant and a rock climbing centre. If you’re feeling brave, you can even zip wire from the end of the pier back down to the beach!

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Bournemouth beach and Oceanarium

The beach itself is lovely, with golden sand and palm trees that definitely make you feel like you’re abroad. Be warned though – it gets absolutely rammed in the summer and you’ll have to get down there very early to get a spot.

Boscombe Beach

Boscombe beach onwards are more like your traditional Victorian beaches with beach huts and pier. Boscombe pier isn’t as busy as Bournemouth Pier but has musical instruments from beginning to end which will keep kids amused, as well as a crazy golf course which ends with your golf ball falling into the sea to feed the fishes!

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Boscombe beach huts

The beachfront has a surf school, posh apartments and a couple of restaurants, and on the beach are volleyball courts and climbing rocks. There’s also currently a giant Havaiana flip-flop which is actually a shower but I’m not sure if this is permanent or not!

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Boscombe beach

Hengistbury Head & Mudeford Spit

Hengistbury Head is one of my favourite places and you might have seen some of my photos on Instagram before. The beach huts here sell for more than an average priced family home!

You can park at Hengistbury Head and visit the beach on this side – this beach is very stony so nice for a stroll but I wouldn’t recommend sitting on it for very long.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Hengistbury head beach

You can walk up to the viewpoint and see for miles towards Bournemouth and Poole in one direction and the Isle of Wight in the other.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Hengistbury Head View

It’s about a 15-20 minute stroll down to Mudeford Spit or you can take the land train. At Mudeford, you have the expensive beach huts, Christchurch Harbour, a lovely beach and a restaurant and ice cream kiosk.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Mudeford Spit

You can also get a boat over to Mudeford Quay and also a boat over to Christchurch.

Branksome Chine

Heading back towards Poole you have plenty of golden sandy beaches to enjoy. If you walk from Bournemouth Beach towards Poole you’ll get to Branksome Beach.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Branksome beach

Here there’s a restaurant, a beach shop and ice cream kiosks. It’s much less touristy in this direction than Bournemouth and Boscombe.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Branksome beach wooden animals

If you start at the cliff top by the library you can stop by the wooden play area and then walk down to the beach through Pinecliff Gardens with amazing views out across the sea.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Branksome beach cliff

The carparks get full very quickly and is expensive so it’s best to park a bit further away and walk down if possible.

Alum Chine

If you carry on from Branksome Chine you’ll reach Durley Chine which has a Harvester pub and a beach cafe and then you’ll arrive in Alum Chine.

Alum Chine has a lovely Italian restaurant next to a playpark which has recently been redone. The land train goes from Alum Chine up to Boscombe Beach if you wanted to see all the beaches without having to walk it.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Alum chine

The beach at Alumn Chine is lovely and we find usually a bit quieter than the others if you head a few minutes’ walk away from the restaurant and park.


Probably the most famous beach in the area because Sandbanks is one of the most expensive places to live in the world!

The beach is lovely and in the summer it really does feel like you’re abroad. There’s a cafe, ice cream kiosk, a play park and crazy golf. You can see across to the Isle of Purbeck from the end of the peninsula and you can catch the chain ferry by car or foot across to Studland. You can also get a boat across to Brownsea Island.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Sandbanks beach

You also have Poole Harbour on the roadside where there are various watersports activities and views across the harbour.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Poole Harbour

Sandbanks is a great beach but be warned that the carpark is expensive and there’s no longer any free parking on the road. If you’re staying in Poole you can get the open top bus from Poole bus station down to Sandbanks which might be a better bet than trying to park!


Studland is on the Isle of Purbeck across the water from Sandbanks – you can also drive a slightly longer way around if you don’t fancy queuing for the chain ferry from Sandbanks.

These beaches are as far from touristy as you can get, definitely not the place to go if you want amenities and entertainment. However, if you like the sound of a nature reserve on the beach then this is the beach for you!

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Studland

Studland Bay is part of the National Trust so you’ll get free parking if you’re a member. The water here is really shallow and there’s a watersports school if you fancy paddle boarding or kayaking.

A Guide To Bournemouth And Poole's Best Beaches - Knoll beach

Knoll beach is just around the corner where there’s a cafe, another carpark, and you can walk for miles along the coastal path.


And that is the end of our guide to Bournemouth and Poole’s best beaches! If you’ve visited Bournemouth and Poole before, which are your favourite beaches? If you’re coming down to Dorset this summer, which beaches are you looking forward to visiting?



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  • Clare

    We are like you and tend to prefer the beaches in the winter. We live near Lyme Regis and parking is also difficult there. It’s a great guide and although you are not far from us I have to admit I don’t really know the area around Bournemouth at all. #KCACOLS

  • ohprettycity

    I haven’t visited Bournemouth or Poole before but there are plenty of beaches to visit if I do. I like the look of Boscombe, would love to take a trip one day! Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS hope you can join us again next time 🙂

  • Lisa Pomerantz

    This looks so lovely, and has me counting the minutes until our beach vacay, this Thursday! We have a week in the beaches of NC. I cannot wait to feel the sun on my back! #KCACOLS xoxo

  • bread // queer little family

    Looks like a great walk down to mudeford spit. I live the beach. #kcacols

  • Virtually All Sorts (@AllSortsHere)

    I love the sound of the zip wire though I doubt I’d have the guts! It looks like a lovely part of the country. #kcacols

  • Shan Ellis

    Awh Sarah I’ve spent a fair amount of time here and I’m looking and the photos and I wish I was down there with the kids in tow! Love it! #KCACOLS

  • madelinelittlejohns

    Those beaches all look stunning, and I love that there seems to be so much for families to do there, my children would absolutely love the musical instruments along the seafront! x #KCACOLS


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