5 Steps To Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity

  • June 14, 2018
5 Steps To Nurturing Your Child's Creativity

My husband and I both went to Art College so we’re both quite creative. Little H seems to be following suit as she’s always drawing and colouring and loves anything arty. I’m happy to encourage her creativity and anything that gets her away from the tv or computer screen.

A lot of people believe you’re either born creative or you’re not. Some children have a knack for the arts, able to sing in tune and blend colours extremely well without much help. Some children are more in tune with athletics. And some are more academic, needing numbers and science to make sense to them for them to understand the world around them. The thing is, creativity is a skill. It’s something that can be learned – all you have to do is hear Ed Sheeran sing years ago and you’ll know that he learned how to do it!

Children are natural explorers, they want to touch and taste everything and a big part of their exploration is being creative. Children get stuck into playdough and paint and clay on a regular basis at home and at school. Don’t be fooled though; creativity really doesn’t have any limits. It’s not just about arts and music. Your child may beg you to sign them up for ballet school, having found wonder and peace in the fluidity of their movements and wishing to hone that skill.

Creative children grow into creative people who are better thinkers, better problem solvers and far more flexible. If you want some ideas for nurturing your child’s creativity, check out the five steps below:

Provide Resources

It’s always good to step away from electronics and specific toys sometimes. What children need to be able to embrace their creative streak is time. They need time to express their imagination in their own way, without you setting up activity after activity. Children are better at unstructured play that is led by them and not a grown up. Give them the time to play, and you can watch their creativity unfold on its own.

The Right Atmosphere

If your home is built like a show home, with no sign there are children living there, you’re going to oppress the creativity in your children. You don’t have to give up your home for their mess but do need to foster the right atmosphere for creative play. Cover your walls in their artwork. Give them a space that is safe for as many stickers as they like. You can’t bolster creativity when you hold it down.

Don’t Hover

Stay away from directing your children on how to complete projects and order their glitter. Children need space and you need to give it to them!

Encourage Reading

Reading a book starts your imagination off. As you read the words, you can envision the scenes of the book in your head. Children can do the very same, but you have to encourage it over the use of the television. Have a bedtime routine that involves reading together to get children used to reading books.

Constructive Arguments

Children need to be able to express their opinions and sometimes that’s going to be against yours. Encourage them to learn different routes to a solution, not just your way. It will encourage them to think outside the box.

Creativity will bloom if you nurture it; give them the tools to grow and your children will thrive.

What creative activities do you do at home with your children?



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