10 Reasons To Visit Iceland

  • June 7, 2018

We love to travel and have always had quite a few destinations on our travel bucket list. Now that Little H is getting older we can start thinking about going on slightly more adventurous trips in the future.

Every year, thousands of people explore Iceland for its outstanding natural beauty. After seeing photos of some friends’ holidays there, it’s definitely been added to our must-visit list.

Here are 10 reasons to visit Iceland on your next holiday…


If you’ve ever wanted to climb a volcano, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Iceland. There are a number of volcanoes across the country, many of which are still active. Eyjafjallajokull is the country’s most famous volcano, it last erupted only a few years ago and stranded us in Tenerife for an extra couple of days!


Iceland also has many impressive waterfalls worth visiting. Gullfoss is arguably the most striking, flowing around a bend in a canyon. It’s flow is most impressive in the summer when the glaciers have melted.


Another one of Iceland’s highlights is its geysers. These eruptions of hot water can be seen all over the island. Strokkur is the most visited geyser, erupting every few minutes with a jet of water that’s been known to erupt as high as 40 metres. Imagine the kids’ faces watching this!

Geothermal pools

Iceland also has a number of natural hot springs which you can bathe in. This can be a great respite from the chilly Icelandic temperature if, like me, you’re not so keen on the cold. The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most famous geothermal pool and the largest in the country.


There’s no shortage of glaciers in Iceland with around 11% of the country covered in ice caps. Winter is the best time to see these and there are plenty of glacier hiking tours to help you tackle these natural wonders.

Ice Caves

Sometimes referred to as the Crystal Caves, these impressive caverns are made entirely of ice and can be found at two of Iceland’s glaciers – Vatnajokull and Langjokull. You can take tours of the caves where you can learn about the geological process that formed them.


There aren’t many places you can go on holiday and see whales. Around Iceland, you can spot over 20 species of whale including humpbacks and blue whales. The best way to see these mighty creatures is to go on a whale-watching tour. Husavik is the most popular town to join a tour.

Arctic foxes

The Arctic Fox is Iceland’s only native land mammal. Spotting this animal is difficult but there are tours where you may get lucky. Those eager to learn more about this mammal can visit the Arctic Fox centre in Sudavik Westfjords where there are a number of exhibitions.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights – also known as the Aurora Borealis – are a natural phenomenon that can only be seen in the northern hemisphere. Light reacts with gaseous particles in the air to create an incredible multicoloured light show. The best time to see the Aurora Borealis is between January-March. There are tours that can take you to the best spots on the island to see the lights, definitely one for the bucket list.

The Midnight Sun

If you travel in summer, you may miss out on the Northern Lights but could still get to see another natural light phenomenon – the midnight sun. Between May-August, there can be nights when the sun never officially sets and the sky remains an impressive pink hue. This can be seen all over the country and is a unique sight.


Have these reasons to visit Iceland made you think about adding it to your travel bucket list? Or have you visited the country before?

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