6 Ideas To Entertain Children Without Relying On Screens

  • May 27, 2018

It’s half-term – are you already stressing about how you’re going to get everything done with the kids at home?!

Now she’s 7, Little H isn’t really fussed about playing with toys so my go-to activity when I need to get a bit of housework done or get myself ready, is her tablet or Minecraft on the PlayStation. Like most parents, I’d rather not resort to using screens to keep her occupied but it keeps her quiet for long enough to allow me to get a few things done.

With a whole week off school, I don’t want her to be using screens too much so have tried to think of some other things that tend to capture her attention for more than 5 minutes.

Anything hands on is always good and keeps kids’ attentions for a while – plus you feel like they’re learning when they’re building or making!

These are my ideas to entertain children without relying on screens…

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Little H has always liked crafts, and I’m ok with a bit of mess if it keeps her quiet. These are a few of the favourite crafts at the moment:


Playdoh used to be really popular in our house but it’s been outgrown a bit now. I bought a cheap pack of plasticine recently and it’s become a firm favourite.

Skipping rope

For her birthday we bought Little H a skipping rope that counts your skips and it’s a winner! She’s even been out skipping before school. We have this one, but there are probably lots of others available:

Top Trumps

Who remembers Top Trumps? This is one they can’t really do by themselves but if you have more than one child it’s a good way of keeping them entertained for a bit and also gets their brains working. We have the Shopkins and Minecraft Top Trumps, and there are all sorts of different ones for any interest:

Board games

As above not really something they can play alone but good for multiple kids. You want to pick something easy that you don’t need to keep intervening with. Mousetrap and Hungry Hippos are favourites here:

Hama Beads

If you can cope with the possibility of having to pick hundreds of tiny beads up off the floor, Hama beads are a fab way to keep kids engrossed in an activity. They also have something to show and keep at the end of it.

Do you think any of these would keep your kids away from screens for a while? Let me know how you get on!


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  • The Mummy Bubble

    Fab and entertaining suggestions here! Love the look of the foil kit. #kcacols

  • AliDuke (@weirdoA)

    Crafts were always the way to keep my daughter entertained. But now she is nearly 13 I’m finding there is a lot she doesn’t want to do. Most days I have to pry her phone out of her hand just to get her attention lol.

  • Gorgeousgsmama

    All sound like great fun. G is only 3 but I know he would enjoy or enjoys most of these.


  • ohprettycity

    Great ideas! My kids are getting harder to remove from their screens now they are teenagers but a board game usually does the trick and my 16 year old is a whizz at 1000 piece puzzles 🙂 #KCACOLS

  • someonecallsmemummy

    Great ideas, my daughter loves anything crafty and while she’s so little it can double up as messy play too! #KCACOLS

  • crummymummy1

    We recently went camping with no screens for a week & they didn’t miss them or ask for their tablets once! #KCACOLS


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