10 Things Bloggers Do Besides Writing Blog Posts

  • April 9, 2018

You might have noticed that I haven’t blogged as much lately – I’ve gone from churning out 3 posts a week at the start of the year to just about managing to publish one post a week lately.

That’s not because I’ve been really busy with exciting stuff, unfortunately, nor is it because I’ve been slacking. I’ve been spending my ‘blogging time’ by doing some blog maintenance, general tidying up, and lots of other things that bloggers have to do.

I realised that not many people, other than my fellow bloggers, probably realise how much work goes into running a blog. It’s not as easy as spending half an hour writing a post and clicking publish. I definitely didn’t appreciate how much work was involved before I started my own blog.

So if you’re thinking of starting a blog, or just wondering what on earth a blogger actually does, here are 10 things bloggers do besides writing blog posts…

Taking photos

Sometimes I actually spend more time on the photos for a blog post than I do actually writing the post! If you’re doing a review you have to set up the product, take the photos and then editing them in Photoshop or PicMonkey before adding to your post. This is precisely why most bloggers will charge for their time when promoting a product for a company.

If it’s not a review then you often won’t have suitable photos you can take without a lot of effort, so I often spend ages trawling free stock photography websites for suitable images I can use.


I get anywhere between 5 – 10 emails per day from brands, businesses and other bloggers who want to either work with me or ask questions about my blog. Sadly not all of them lead to paid work, but you do have to spend time answering and building relationships with people you may be able to work with in the future. I also spend time emailing companies I’d like to work with to see if they’d like to collaborate with my blog and hunting down paid opportunities.


Depending on the kind of post you’re writing you also often need to do your research. Whether it’s reading up on the subject online or talking to fellow bloggers for their views and personal stories.

Working on SEO

It’s not as simple as writing a post and hoping people will find it on Google. If only! You have to write your post for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by using the right keywords and phrases. Basically, bloggers are also SEO experts!

Promoting Your Blog on Social Media

I actually spend more time promoting my blog on social media than I do blogging. You could write the best blog posts in the world but no one will read them if they don’t know they exist. Scheduling your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is really important and involves a lot of work, from creating images, writing the posts and scheduling them for the best times for your blog audience. Then there’s the Facebook Groups and Pinterest Tribes on Tailwind too…

Graphic Design

If you want your blog to look good and your social media posts to be eye-catching then you need to create graphics that look amazing. For each blog post, I spend hours on Canva creating imagery for Facebook and Twitter and designing pins for Pinterest. Then there’s also the branding of your blog of course, with logos, headers and banners.

Engaging with other bloggers

This goes hand in hand with the social media point above, but if you want fellow bloggers to read your blog then you need to engage with them. Reading their posts, joining link ups, liking their social media posts, chatting to them on Twitter. After all, it’s not what you know but who you know as they say.

Blog Admin

This is what I’ve been doing a lot of lately. When you start blogging you don’t know all the tips and tricks, this all comes with experience. Unfortunately, that means that at some point you need to go through all your old posts and update them. I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years so have a lot of posts to work through. At the moment I’m going through all of my posts and checking the SEO, spelling & grammar, internal links, affiliate links, Pinterest pins, tags etc. It’s very time consuming but hopefully worth it in the end.

Analysing Stats

After you’ve written posts, promoted them and hopefully have people visiting your blog then you want to know what they’re reading and where they’re coming from. Google Analytics is a blogger’s best friend and you can get lost for hours analysing all the different stats in there.

Learning more about blogging

If you take blogging seriously then you always want to know more. Whether that’s taking an online course, watching webinars or just reading up on blogging and social media. I try and set aside a couple of hours a week to spend time on the various courses and webinars I have bookmarked.

Do you still think blogging is easy?! No wonder there are so many people blogging as a full-time job!


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  • The Money Shed (@themoneyshed)

    Great post this! I’m all about the stats and have been using GA over the weekend to add some more affiliate links to my top ranking posts!

  • the Curious Pixie

    I know, we’re a one man band show aren’t we? Sometimes people don’t realise how much work is involved.

  • thesimpleblonde

    This is great! I love your post!

    As a new blogger, I’ve recently discovered how much work it really is! Juggling a full-time job and blogging is a real challenge, but doing what you love and enjoy makes it all worth it!

    Sarah from The Simple Blonde

  • Rachel

    This is so true! I am trying to do all of this whilst studying and working for my clinical psychology doctorate!! What a list!

  • Hanna

    Yes, there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff to do.

  • The Culinary Jumble

    I totally agree – I spend way more time behind the scenes than writing the post! People just don’t realise how much time and effort we do put into running a blog!

  • myrabevlife

    I spend most of my weekend days outside my norm day job answering emails and doing research for posts and then weekends for graphics/pictures and writing posts. It’s all time consuming.

  • Jess Howliston

    Yes to all this!! I am pretty sure people think its “easy” and don’t believe me when I tell them just how much time and effort I spend on every post. The promoting can mean I am up until the early hours!

  • Laura Dove

    Yep! All this and a million things besides! people have no clue what goes into blogging!

  • Kara

    I went out with a non-blogger friend this week and she could not believe how many photo’s I took (I took less than normal too)

  • Home and Horizon

    I must agree on all these things that we do as blogger, and some people just don’t realise the amount of work we do.

  • Lorna

    I spend a lot of time wanting to throw my laptop out the window after having to resize photos, check links, and clicking too many buttons.

  • mommyhomemanager

    Photos are definitely my downfall right now! I blame it on my budget iPhone and rambunctious toddler who won’t sit still. Social media all the way! It’s the key part for me to get consistent traffic.

  • The Squirmy Popple

    Blogging properly takes so much time – that’s why I’m so bad at it! I know all the things I SHOULD be doing, but after a long day of work and toddler-wrangling, I often let a lot the blogmin slide. #ablogginggoodtime

  • This Scribbler Mum

    I’m very new to blogging and have already come to realize all the time and effort blogging requires. #ablogginggoodtime

  • Laura: Adventures with J

    The writing for me is the quick and easy part of blogging! I love reading other posts and chatting on social media. Blog admin is a little more dull but still better than most jobs! 😀 #sharingthebloglove

  • Amy - the rolling baby

    I had no idea how much work went into blogging before I started. If I let it, it would take up all day every day #sharingthebloglove

  • Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    This is so spot on! The blogmin is the most time consuming thing about it all – writing the posts is just the start! I don’t have time for it all, and I’ve never got my head around Pinterest for my blog, but I keep hearing how it’s one of the best referrers, so I should really try to make the effort. Tailwind seems to be the in thing at the moment! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Mother of Teenagers

    Sarah you are so right about the amount of work that needs to be done and I am a bit lapsidasical in terms of all the jobs – some certainly get more attention than others. I am just trying to get my head around Pinterest and the whole Canva thing and as Katy said before Tailwind seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment. Thanks for inspiring me. #ablogginggoodtime

  • mummyhereandthere

    It is amazing how much other blog admin stuff takes up, it is not simply write and publish. X #ablogginggoodtime

  • Laura (@dearbearandbean)

    There is so much that goes into having a blog, that no one really understands until they start one. My to do list is never ending, there is no time when I can say there is nothing to do. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • theladybirdsadventures

    It really is never ending! Thanks for joining #bloggerpinparty

  • southernboymom

    I’m just starting to learn how much work goes into this. Between a full time job and two kids it’s hard but doing what you enjoy is worth it


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