Amazing Things That Make Mums’ Lives Easier

  • March 1, 2018

There’s no arguing that life as a mum is hard and I’m a big believer that there’s tons more pressure on mums than there was in previous generations. However, in some ways, we also have it much easier. All these gadgets, mod cons and websites at our disposal is something that our parents and grandparents never had.

Here’s a list I’ve put together of amazing things that make mums’ lives easier (and dads too!), with a little bit of help from my fellow parent bloggers…

A Screen In Your Pocket

How on earth did parents cope before we all had smartphones at our fingertips? How did they keep kids amused or quiet for more than 5 minutes without YouTube?

Not only are there apps and games to keep kids entertained, there are even built-in functions designed especially for parents who want a bit of peace:

“The ‘lock screen/guided access’ function on the iPad and iPhone. Now I can shower in peace whilst he sits and watches YouTube videos of cars without him managing to flick over to some potentially dodgy video instead!” Hayley Jones – The Devon Mama

There’s an app for absolutely anything, from organising your life to reminding you of important events. There’s not really an excuse to forget something – especially birthdays when you have everyone on Facebook and a calendar on you at all times.

“Siri is my lifesaver. It sets timers for my foods, sets alarms for naptimes, takes notes for me as to when my daughter eats, plays music when she’s crying and it works even when I’m out the house. I literally use it every day!” Bella Louise Drew – Documentingthedrews

“Cozi app on my phone for our family diary. Each one of us has a different colour so I know who is doing what – dentist, swimming after school, doctor’s appointments etc. Synced with husband so he can add his plans too. Plus it sends me an email each morning at 7am so even if I haven’t checked it and forgotten something, I am reminded on the morning. Life changing!” Emma Maslin – The Money Whisperer

You can check out my favourite apps to help busy mums here.

Online Shopping

Can you imagine having to take kids to the weekly food shop every single time? My poor mum did it with 2 whingeing kids in tow every week and I’m honestly not sure how we’re still alive! I only have one child but I still choose to get my food shop delivered to my door as I can’t face dragging her around a supermarket.

“Iceland delivery. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine carting all that shopping back on a buggy with 4 kids” Vicki Louise Hurrell – Mumma and Her Monsters

“Getting your food shopping delivered! The thought alone of doing it with my toddler is too stressful. The delivery charge is worth it!” Georgina Clarke – Georgina Clarke Blog

Don’t forget the next day delivery from Amazon Prime if you forget a birthday or school dress-up day. Life saver!

Home Assistants

I’ve already blogged about my love for Alexa, such a cool little device for asking questions, setting reminders, and keeping the kids entertained.

I’m not the only one who thinks “she’s” great…

I think I’m the Alexa superfan I use it all the time, so much that I just bought another one for upstairs. It’s an absolute life save for me I have two children and I’m running two businesses. I could write about all the ways I use it all day!” Heather Sweeney – Wakefield Mumbler

If you haven’t got an Amazon Echo in your life yet I highly recommend you have a look.

Household Gadgets

Most parents, especially those who work all day, don’t have a spare few hours to prepare a family meal every day. Luckily for us, there are a million kitchen gadgets to give us a helping hand! I love my slow cooker in the winter, putting on a casserole before I go to work makes me feel like a ‘proper’ mum when I dish it up in the evening.

It seems I’m not the only one who likes a gadget that helps you at dinnertime…

“I would have to say the Actifry – I can pop things in there turn it on and 15 minutes later they’re cooked with no oil etc too so healthier!” Deborah Nicholas – Country Heart and Home

“A Ninja mini chopper – it makes baby food and chops onion and peppers for our dinner. Perfectly. It’s absolutely worth every penny and just works. I’m no longer paranoid about knives in the kitchen as I’m no longer multi-tasking while chopping food for dinner, and rushing making sure the girls are ok. I use the chopper to hide loads of ‘hidden’ veg in our dinners, too, so it really is versatile and quick and easy to use.” Lynne New – New Mummy Blog

“Thermomix and a decent sized freezer for batch cooking meaning there’s always something to eat and Screen Time App has ended screen time battles for us” Luschka Van Onselen – Diary of a First Child

“A slow cooker is like a time-travelling ghost that makes your dinner for you. You can just pop all the stuff in and come back hours later to a chilli or bolognese!” Leigh Ramsden – Dad Geek

“A coffee machine so you can always have good coffee when matchsticks just aren’t cutting it!” Sophie Durrans – Life As Mrs D

And we can’t forget all the other gadgets that our parents or grandparents didn’t have such as washing machines, tumble dryers, hoovers etc. I don’t even want to think about how long the housework would take without these in my life.

“Dyson cordless without a doubt. I must use mine at least two or three times a day. It’s perfect for a quick clean up under the high chair, when the budgie has flapped feathers everywhere or a quick hoover of the car. So sad but probably my best purchase of 2017!” Fran Jones – Back With A Bump

“I don’t think I can live without a washing machine. Then again my dishwasher broke down on Monday. I’m missing it very much.” Su Chanprasong – Ethan & Evelyn

Your Tribe

Whether it’s friends or family, having help is so important for all parents. I’m sure family and friends have always helped each other out, but having a “mum tribe” seems to be more of a thing now which is great. Having a supportive group of friends who make you feel like less of a failure is an amazing thing.

“Having a tribe. My mummy tribe which started out of the NCT classes saved my sanity, saved me from googling and panicking, and we made good friends we can count on each other as lots of us have no family help around.” Eva Katona – Captain Bobcat

“Other mums (who you get along with) and who have kids of a similar age… playdates sometimes take the edge of a particularly bad day!” Nicole Arsiwala – Tales From Mamaville

“Good friends to confide in!” Becky Goddard-Hill – A Beautiful Space

If you don’t have a “tribe” check out my post on how to make mummy friends.

Husbands also obviously help out a hell of a lot more now than in our parent’s and definitely our grandparents’ generations, a must when many mums work as well now.

“A partner that shares the parenting and household workload.” Debbie Sharratt – My Boys Club

“A really good husband and father. Having the support of those around you when the going is good but especially when it’s bad. A team achieves more than alone.” Phill Joseph Palmer – Corporate Dad

“Having a partner that is consistent and works with you. Not against you in regards to boundaries with your children.” Claire Rockss – Bumps Babies Tots And Teens Mummy Diaries

And we can’t forget those amazing grandparents who so often take over childcare when we struggle to afford nursery fees or to do school pickups. I most definitely couldn’t have afforded to go back to work without ours.

“Grandparents!!! Goodness only knows what I would do without them.” Laura Nelson – The Breastest News

“Grandparents! Without my parents helping out I’m sure I would have waved goodbye to my sanity years ago!” Laura Dove – Five Little Doves

What makes your life easier? Are there gadgets or apps that you couldn’t live without?


Amazing Things That Make Mums' Lives Easier | Things like gadgets, apps, online shopping, mum tribes and more help many mums get through the day. check out my list featuring lots of parenting bloggers!
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  • Rachel

    I definitely couldn’t live without online shopping and the washing machine! I can’t cope with my washing now ha ha


    Thank you for including us. A very interesting read. To be honest, I don’t think I can live without internet either. I’m so bad! lol! x

  • Zoe

    I don’t think I could live without my smartphone, I’m always attached to it! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  • Jo - Cup of Toast

    My mobile is never very far away from my side. I feel fortunate to be able to be connected to a wider world through it, with recipes, directions and chat only a few taps away! Thanks for linking up with #Blogstravaganza 🙂

  • Nicole - Tales from Mamaville

    Thanks for including me… a great post this! Cannot imagine life without these…

  • Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Online shopping has been an absolute revelation for us! We only started doing it when Ben was born last year, before that we would spend half our Saturday traipsing around the shops, and then unpacking – that’s a quarter of our weekend! I love that it’s so easy, and I love that they bring it all in for you too. We don’t have a driveway or a parking space, so often we wouldn’t be able to park near, so to be trekking back and forth to the car to unload was a real faff. It’s transformed our weekends! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Mom Of Two Little Girls

    We don’t have online grocery shopping where I live. We’re moving back to the UK soon and I am now super excited about this prospect!!! WooHoo!

  • Laura (@dearbearandbean)

    I would be lost without online shopping, knowing that our food delivery is coming every week takes a massive pressure off me. I really need to start using my slow cooker!! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • The Queen of Collage

    It’s interesting what things we’ve become attached to over the years. #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Christy

    Trying to think of a time without online shopping is scary. Even though it wasn’t around when I was a kid… I was literally in the maternity ward ordering pyjamas and necessities on Amazon to be delivered the next day because we ended up staying in for 10 days and it was easier than my exhausted husband driving home to pick some up! #KCACOLS

  • Bella at Dear Mummy Blog

    My mummy could sure do with a helping hand at home as there is so much useable tech around these days! #GlobalBlogging

  • The Rhyming Mum

    When my dishwasher died I really realised how much easier it makes my life. The amount of time I save using it is ridiculous. #sharingthebloglove

  • thewillowtree1

    Online shopping is such a great concept wether it be a food shop or just shopping for yourself or others! Its so hard now being a Mum of three to take the kids to the shops for a leisurely look! So i thank the internet for making my life easier! #sharingthebloglove

  • Little Ladies Big World

    Slow cooker is definitely a win here, anything to save time cooking but be healthy too. #SharingTheBlogLove

  • Welsh Mum Writing

    Slow cooker is a definite winner, but I prize my mamma tribe above all else. I’m trying to persuade my other half to get a home assistant but I think he is worried that “The Man” might always be listening ! #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Virtually All Sorts (@AllSortsHere)

    You know, we haven’t introduced ourselves to Alexa yet but I’m tempted! And as for grandparents… lifesavers! #kcacols

  • Tubbs

    I love my spending app on my phone as it helps me track my spending and stick to my budget

  • Madeline (This Glorious Life)

    So many of the things on this list I was nodding along to! Online shopping, my slow cooker and my mum friends definitely make my life easier! #KCACOLS

  • Heather Keet

    Online shopping has greatly improved my life, I can only imagine the benefits to a busy mom! #GlobalBlogging

  • Kelly-Anne

    Yes anything to help gets a big thumbs up from me. I have to say online shopping is one tip I will always share. Thank you for joining us for #kcacols and we hope to see you next time.


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