16 Rainy Day Activities To Keep Kids Entertained

Hands up who else is bored of the rain? Every weekend this year seems to have been wet and miserable and the weather forecast for the next week or so doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. How on earth do you do keep kids entertained for a whole weekend when you can’t go out for walks or to the park? So until Spring arrives with some sunshine, I’ve made a list of 16 rainy day activities to keep kids entertained.   FREE (or very cheap) rainy day outings Going out all the time as a family can end up costing a fortune, but there are lots of places you can go for free or for very little money… Visit the library – let the kids browse through the books for a while and pick their favourites. Our local library also has a dressing up section and a table with colouring sheets. If you check online they often have craft or storytelling sessions at the weekends. Visit a pet shop – This used to be my bribery when we had to go shopping! Kids can spend ages looking at the rabbits, guinea pigs and tropical fish and it doesn’t cost … Continue reading 16 Rainy Day Activities To Keep Kids Entertained