10 Things To Do With Kids On New Year’s Eve

Long gone are the days of going ‘out out’ on New Year’s Eve when you’re a parent. We used to go out every year with friends, but haven’t since Little H was born. If I’m honest I can’t think of anything worse than going out in town now, I would much rather spend time my family.

If you’re trying to think of things to do with kids on New Year’s Eve here are some suggestions.

Go on a day out

Why not have a fun day out on New Year’s Eve? You could go ice skating, to the movies, catch up with friends or for a beach walk. Make the most out of not having to get ready to go out and have some fun family time.

Have a party

You could invite friends and family round, or just have a party by yourselves. Get the kids involved in making party food, decorate the house with streamers and put on your best party clothes.

New Year’s Crafts

Get the kids doing some New Year’s crafting – you could make confetti poppers and party hats, make a banner or even your own pinata. Take a look at my New Years Crafts board on Pinterest for some inspiration!


You could buy some fireworks from the supermarket, wrap up warm and have your own mini firework display in the garden. If you don’t have room for fireworks you could just get some sparklers. Or you could go for a walk around the block and see if you can spot fireworks – there’s always plenty of people who let their off before midnight.

Play games

Maybe you could have a family game night with board games, Bingo, Charades or maybe a video game battle.


Stick on a cd or one of the music channels and have your own little dance party in the living room.

Take Silly Photos

Get some photo booth props and take silly family photos. I saw these photo booth props that would be perfect for new years eve parties – we’ve bought similar ones for Christmas Day.

Pyjama Party

If you want a more chilled new years eve so the kids don’t go to bed overexcited, why not have a pyjama party. Put your PJs on, watch a family movie, bring out the snacks and tell the kids they’re staying up later than usual as a special treat.

Cheers with mocktails

Let the kids think they’re allowed to be grown up for the evening by making mocktails or pretending that flavoured fizzy water is champagne.

Ring in the new year

Kids have absolutely no concept of time, so once you’ve had your party, done some dancing and drank your mocktails you can do the countdown early and pack the kids off to bed. Then you can get the real champagne out and celebrate on your own.


However you decide to celebrate I hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve!



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17 thoughts on “10 Things To Do With Kids On New Year’s Eve

  1. Jenni says:

    Great suggestions! We like to play board games at Hogmanay too, and last year I found some non alcoholic champagne so they got to have their own wee glass of bubbly. The early bells wouldn’t work for us unfortunately though, since the kids know that the fireworks go off above the Castle (we live in Edinburgh) at midnight – they would know I was trying to con them, lol.

  2. Sophie - wifemotherlife says:

    We don’t usually do much, two autistic kids puts most things out of the question. However this year we are pushing the boat out and heading to Wales to see the New Years in with Prosecco in their hot tub! The kids will be in bed at the normal time but it’ll be a huge treat for us! Great post! Xx

  3. Ana De-Jesus says:

    I hear you about ‘nights out’ on New Years Eve I am not a massive fan of them either especially with the crowds. Much nicer to spend it with family that is for sure! Doing something nice during the day sounds good!

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