10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Minecraft Fans

Little H has become a little bit Minecraft obsessed and so I’ve been trawling the internet for some ideas for Christmas presents. To be perfectly honest, half the time I have no idea what she’s talking about so just smile and nod, but Minecraft presents will get me a lot of brownie points!

I’ve found some quite good suggestions, so thought I’d share these with you all in case you’re also a bit clueless when it comes to creepers, zombies, enderman and mobs.

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Minecraft Fans

Minecraft “The Mushroom Island” Building Set

Minecraft + Lego has got to equal a good present – even if you don’t have a clue what mooshrooms and creepers are! I love Lego as it keeps kids amused for such a long time.

Buy here

The Official Minecraft Annual 2018

A must for all Minecraft fans to brush up on their survival skills and learn some new cheats. You could even have a sneaky read yourself so you can understand what your child is talking to you about.

Buy here

Minecraft Core Animal Mob

These cute little animals are apparently “so cool!”. That’s good enough for me!

Buy here

Minecraft Creeper Backpack

I’ve had a request for a Creeper Backpack to replace her girly Frozen one – she’s definitely growing up! This one looks like it’s a good size and I think it would be a popular choice.

Buy here

Xbox Wireless Controller – Minecraft Creeper

If your child plays Minecraft on an Xbox this would be an amazing gift. We have a Playstation though and I haven’t managed to find a controller like this for that.

Buy here

Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack

This is Steve, he’s the default Minecraft character that you get to play with. This Steve figure plus a chest, bed, sword and axe, might tear them away from the screen by persuading them they can still play Minecraft of some sort.

Buy here

Minecraft Sprites T-Shirt

As well as wanting to get rid of her Disney backpack, Little H also wants to ditch the princessy clothing so this would probably be well received!

Buy here

Minecraft 7-inch Creeper Soft Toy

So this is what a Creeper looks like. If your child still likes teddies and plushies then this would be a nice present for younger Minecraft fans.

Buy here

Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

This is one of the building blocks you can select in the game to build your houses from. A cool addition to a more grown-up bedroom.

Buy here

Minecraft Story Mode

If your child has played the normal Minecraft to death then Minecraft Story Mode is another good game to try. You can go on a quest, answering questions as you go to decide how the game plays out.

Buy here

I hope these have given you some inspiration if you have been a bit clueless about Minecraft and want to look like a cool parent! 😉

If you have any other suggestions for gift ideas for Minecraft fans do let me know in the comments below!



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16 thoughts on “10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Minecraft Fans

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    My girls already have a few of these things. They are crazy about Minecraft. The Minecraft Creeper Backpack is fab! It is massive. My teen had it a couple of years ago and loved it. #MMBC

  2. aimz18 says:

    Have you seen the Minecraft Torch? That’s the only thing my Minecraft mad son has asked for which isn’t on your list lol £20 from Amazon #kcacols

  3. thegermanwife says:

    oh wow some great suggestions here! My son who is 7 has just started getting into Minecraft (a tad late his friends loved the game for quite some time but I never knew it was just a app i thought it was a console game!) I was actually looking at some (more) lego sets for him and that minecraft one looks fab! Thanks for joining us on our #GiftGuideLinkUp

  4. Janine says:

    Oh I didnt know you can get a lego version of Minecraft. I have seen the little figures in Smyths the other day. It looks so weird because they are pixeled. Thanks for linking up to the #GiftGuideLinkUp

  5. queerlittlefamily says:

    I got my nephew a Minecraft plush skeleton one year. I love the Lego sets but I could probably just build my own. #kcacols

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