October’s Round-up

  • November 3, 2017

Where on earth is this year disappearing to? November already!

October for us involved bike riding, den building, Disney on Ice, retro computer games and pumpkins. Find out more in October’s round-up…

My birthday was at the start of October and once again it was my 21st (!). We had a lovely pub lunch at the weekend and my lovely little family spoilt me with some nice presents. I even took the day off work which was the best bit!

October's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

After what feels like forever, Little H finally mastered riding her bike. We can’t take the credit for it though, we ran out of patience earlier in the year so my Dad taught her. There’s no stopping her now and all she wants to do is cycle everywhere.

October's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

We went along to Bournemouth Uni’s BFX festival – a visual effects, animation and gaming festival. They had a family event at the weekend and it was such good fun. Little H had the best time coding robots, playing retro computer games (remember Lemmings?!) and doing stop-start animation. If you’re near Bournemouth I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye out for this next year.

October's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

One of my favourite things about Autumn is going pumpkin picking. We’ve been for the last 4 years and it’s become a bit of a Halloween tradition now. We were quite impressed with our pumpkin carving too!

October's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

October's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

We surprised Little H with a trip to Birmingham to see Disney on Ice. She’s been asking to go for the last couple of years but we’ve never managed to get tickets. It was great fun and we had fantastic seats. I’m not sure who was more excited though, us or Little H!

October's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

I managed to get 2 days off work in half term and we spent them with a couple of Little H’s friends. It was nice to be able to do that as I feel by working most holidays that Little H misses out on all of the playdates. We went to Moors Valley country park and had a nice walk in the sun. The kids enjoyed playing, running wild and building dens.

October's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

At the end of October it was, of course, Halloween – every kids’ favourite day of the year! We put out our pumpkins and went trick or treating around the road.

What did you get up to in October? Hope you had as much fun as we did!



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  • Zen Babytravel

    So nice to be 21 …again 😉 happy birthday! Some lovely activities, Disney on ice included 😉 we managed to go to Portugal for half term and loved the extended summer as well as spending some more great days out with National Trust. #countrykids

  • dearmummyblog

    We love Moors Valley country park too. You must be local to us x Sounds like a busy October x popping over from #CountryKids x

  • Coombe Mill

    I love how you capture your month like this, it’s a great way to remember all the lovely things you did. I’ve passed the entrance to Moors Valley several times going to Sussex, one day we must stop there and stretch our legs along the journey, it always looks like there is so much to do there and very nature based. Pumpkins and Halloween is what my kids will remember Halloween for most, looks like your tradition of pumpkin picking will keep Little H reflecting fondly on October too. Great carvings and happy cycling.

    Thank you for sharing your month on #CountryKids

  • Claire @ The ladybirds adventures

    Looks like you had a fun but busy October much like my family. I’d love to take my kids to disney on ice. Glad you had a couple of days off at half term. #countrykids

  • Louise

    Looks like October was a lovely month for you.Disney on Ice looks amazing and the pumpkin picking looks like fun. Well done to Little H on managing to master riding her bike. #countrykids


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