3 Easy Halloween Crafts To Do With Kids

  • October 13, 2017

Who’s kids are getting excited for Halloween? Mine has already decided what she’s dressing as (a Zombie witch) and where she wants to go trick or treating.

She wanted to do some Halloween crafts so I took to Pinterest and picked the easiest ones I could find. I thought I’d share these with you, but as with our recent Autumn crafts don’t expect them to look like the Pinterest versions – they’re done by a real 6-year-old!

So if you’re looking for some easy craft ideas for kids to keep them busy in the run-up to Halloween, here are 3 easy Halloween craft ideas.

Scary Gingerbread Men

Now I have mentioned it before, but I’m not good at baking at all. So we bought some ready made gingerbread men from the supermarket, rather than make our own. Then we made some white icing, and as I couldn’t find any black food colouring I bought a ready-made block of black icing.

We then iced our gingerbread men and turned them into mummies, ghosts and skeletons. I think the piping nozzle thingy needed to be a bit smaller as it was hard to do any kind of detail but I don’t think they’re too bad, and they tasted nice!

3 Easy Halloween Crafts To Do With Kids | Digital Motherhood

If you’re better at icing than us then you could go for some coloured designs.

Creepy Mummy lanterns

I saw these on Pinterest and thought they looked fab so wanted to have a go at making our own. I have a stockpile of empty jars for school projects and science experiments and had some googly eyes in the craft box. I couldn’t find any bandages though, they’re all the new style stretchy ones, so we just used toilet paper!

All you need to do is cover the jar with glue and wrap the toilet paper/bandages around. Stick a couple of googly eyes on, and you have a spooky mummy lantern.

3 Easy Halloween Crafts To Do With Kids | Digital Motherhood

Spooky Cotton wool ghosts

Another really easy one that kids can be left to do by themselves. Cut some ghosts out of cardboard, cover in glue and give the kids a pack of cotton wool balls.

Once finished hang from a bit of wool or string and you have little ghost decorations for Halloween – though I think ours possibly look more like clouds!

3 Easy Halloween Crafts To Do With Kids | Digital Motherhood


I hope these easy Halloween craft ideas keep your kids entertained for a while – maybe they’ll be a good half term activity.

Happy Halloween!


3 Easy Halloween Crafts To Do With Kids | Digital Motherhood


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  • Laura Dove

    I love the mummy lanterns! We did those last year and really enjoyed them, so easy too!

  • Anosa

    The mummy laterns turned out really well, Halloween and I don’t see eye to eye lol so not trick or treating for me

  • Wandermust Mummy

    Fab ideas. I think my little girl would love the cookies!

  • Kara

    I think the kids in pre-school will love making cotton wool ghosts – so taking this idea to work next week

  • Samantha Mayers

    Oooh fab ideas. We’ve been looking for some Halloween crafts to try so we’ll add these to out list. I love the her idea. X

  • fashionandstylepolice

    Great Halloween craft ideas here. Will try them with the kids.

  • Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    I love the mummy biscuits! They look so easy to make too!!!

  • thetaleofmummyhood

    Fab idea, I love the lantern! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  • Coombe Mill

    Love the lanterns, I may use these for our Halloween trail #KCACOLS

  • Katrina

    How fab! My little boy would love to make the Halloween cookies and eat them lol

  • hannahandfitness

    Oh those cookies look great!

  • countryheartdeb

    I love crafting with the kids and they would love those skeleton biscuits – definitely giving them a go!

  • kid can doodle

    Halloween is one of the best holidays for creating! Great projects. Cheers! #KCACOLS

  • Zena's Suitcase

    These are super cute ideas. Love how easy they are for young kids too

  • Kelly-Anne | Mimi Rose and Me

    Ooooh I love the idea of the gingerbread ghosts! We making some more Halloween treats this week and I think we will give these a go!

  • Lucy Dorrington

    I loev the gingerbread craft, and what a great idea to buy them readymade, so much easier!

  • The Mummy Bubble

    These ideas are brilliant, right up my street as I probably have everything needed for them already! X #kcacols

  • susankmann

    These look brilliant, I do love the gingerbread ghosts. Must give the mummys a go. xx #littlemakes

  • talkingmums1

    Ahh we tried the ghost lanterns too, great aren’t they and so easy x

  • Mummy Lauretta

    These are really cute and super easy to do with little children ? #KCACOLS

  • Ordinary Hopes

    Loving the paper lantern! I am currently taking a little break from making a papier mache pumpkin with my son – messy fun! #KCACOLS

  • Jemma Goulds

    Love these! Gingerbread does just seen so autumnal!! #littlemakes

  • ohmummymia

    looking awesome! and it’s really easy to make it. I need to try it with my boy:) Thanks for joining KCACOLS and be sure to link up again


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