September’s Round-up

  • October 2, 2017

Another month down and we’re heading scarily close to Christmas, which is something I hate thinking about until late November.

I’m still sad that the summer has gone (if you can call July & August in the UK “summer”) but we had another fun month in September though it was a bit quieter than recent months.

The main reason for this was that it was obviously back to school for Little H. She took it all in her stride, as usual, no complaints about getting back into the routine. She’s enjoyed seeing all of her friends again and seems to like this year’s teacher more which is good. We’ve also got rid of those bullies out of her class which I’m very pleased about.

We had a trip to the Sealife Adventure Park in Weymouth which was great fun. Little H loves anything like that and can spend ages looking in the tanks and reading the information.

September's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

As I mentioned last month we’ve recently had a new addition to the family – Milo the kitten. He’s a naughty little cat, but very cute and Little H loves playing with him. She was so excited to take lots of photos to school for show & tell, though a little disappointed that she couldn’t actually take Milo to show her friends!

September's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

A few weekends ago we had a lovely walk and lunch down at Hengistbury Head for my Dad’s birthday. The sun came out for a bit and we saw a fab double rainbow over the sea.

September's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

Autumn means conkers and we went on a hunt for some at Kingston Lacy. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any but we still had a good walk and collected lots of Autumn leaves which we used for some fun little crafts.

September's Round-up | Digital Motherhood

And that was about it before we blinked it was October!

Hope you had a good month. What did you get up to?



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  • Bakeca Incontri Milano

    OMG Milo is adorable! Love your kitten

  • Kitty

    What a great idea to do a monthly round-up and capture special memories, Milo is so cute and you made me smile about show and tell. Double rainbows are always magical too.

  • Coombe Mill

    Like you September seemed to go in a flash, I look back and I’m not sure where the time went. Oh that little kitten is adorable and the trips out for your Dad’s birthday and the walk at Kingston Lacey look beautiful as well as memorable family days.

    Thank you for sharing your round up on #CountryKids

  • The Queen of Collage

    September seems to have been and gone in a flash it’s true. Great news that your little one is a lot happier at school now. #CountryKids

  • Louise

    Oh that photo of the rainbow over the sea is stunning. Glad to hear that Little H has settled back into school and the bullies are out of her class. Milo the kitten is adorable. #countrykids

  • Sherry Cook

    We were fortunate enough to find conkers on our last walk and are hoping to do leaf craft this weekend! #CountryKids


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