How To Keep Kids Happy When Travelling + Win A Trunki Travel Pillow

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. We were lucky enough to visit a few far flung places before having Little H which we’re very grateful for because travelling with kids is an entirely different experience!

Just going on just a short car journey can test your patience to the limit if the kids are grumpy/tired/bored, so going on a plane definitely needs some preparation.

All parents know that a happy child = happy parents, so here are some tips on how to keep kids happy when travelling. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the post to enter my competition to win a Trunki travel pillow with holiday booking website Holiday Gems.

During The Car Journey

You don’t need stress before the holiday has even started so it’s a good idea to make sure the kids are happy in the car on the way to your destination.

Pack a lunchbox that the kids can easily reach if they need anything, this will avoid the inevitable “I’m hungry” whines from the back. If you’re on a long journey plan pit stops so they can stretch their legs and go to the loo without any motorway emergencies.

We also pack a bag just for the car full of toys, books and colouring to keep ours entertained. We also have the best invention ever – a dvd in the back of the car. You can easily go for the length of a film without hearing a peep from the backseat!

At The Airport

Once you’re through passport control there’s usually a bit of a wait at the airport which can be really boring for kids. Whenever we fly we pack a Trunki full of toys and snacks which comes in very handy. A few travel games are ideal, or you could let them buy a new book in one of the airport shops.

It’s also worth checking what’s available at the airport, we found a small soft play area at Gatwick – especially a good idea if you want to wear them out before the flight!

On The Plane

Flying with kids is stressful. As soon as you start queuing at the gate you know your fellow childfree passengers are hoping they don’t get stuck next to you.

Unhappy kids are not fun to travel with. This is where the Trunki full of toys mentioned above comes in handy! We also load the tablet full of games and videos, this is the one time where there’s no limit on screen time.

If you can get the kids to sleep on the plane then you’re winning. I’d recommend taking a pillow, blanket and putting them in pyjamas if you’re on a night time flight.

On Holiday

If you can go to a hotel with kids entertainment do it! We’ve been self-catering and to family hotels, and as much as we like to be in a villa on our own, a hotel with a kids’ club is a godsend. If the kids can make friends then they’re happy and you’ll get some peace.

Check out the local area before you go away to find out what family friendly excursions there are near your hotel. Kids probably aren’t going to be happy spending a lot of time sightseeing, but throw in a zoo or waterpark and you’ll have some happy little people.

A nap in the afternoon might not be easy, but if possible is a good idea for all ages to avoid tired kids having meltdowns when you’re out later than usual of an evening.


Hopefully, these tips should help to keep kids happy when travelling. What would your top tips be for any parents planning to travel with children?

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140 thoughts on “How To Keep Kids Happy When Travelling + Win A Trunki Travel Pillow

  1. Dean B says:

    I wouldn’t dare travel without the iPad. Technology has saved us from going completely bonkers when travelling with a young child, although to be fair, our daughter also likes being busy doodling on her sketchpad or even just colouring 🙂 That’s a cute pillow btw.

  2. Helen says:

    My children’s must have travel item is travel sickness tablets; from experience, I wouldn’t travel any distance without them. I’ve tried before and dealt with the consequences.

  3. Karen Usher says:

    Headphones, the ones that the airlines give that goes in the childrens ears, just don’t fit, we have now purchased our own and the children are much happier bunnies when on a flight!

  4. Alex Telford says:

    We’ve not tried flying with kids yet, but often travel up and down motorway visiting family. A new comic keeps our children entertained for ages 🙂

  5. aimz18 says:

    The best food we aked for travelling was a big box of cheerios lol not messy and everyone happily eats them! Puzzle books are our must have.
    Thanks so much for linking up with #kcacols. we hope you can join us next time.

  6. Tracy Gladman says:

    I swear by the Usborne travel card packs. They are wipe clean with a pen and have loads of different games and activities for the kids. Keeps them amused for hours. Best money I’ve ever spent.

  7. Victoria Dixon says:

    The iPad has been like a personal babysitter for me, it kept my son content for hours before he fell asleep and I could enjoy my magazine and glass of wine in peace 🙂

  8. fionajk42 says:

    Currently our must have travel items for car journeys with our 2 year old granddaughter are a change of clothes and wet wipes. Food and drink always seem to be messier in the car, not to mention potty training mishaps.

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