10 Reasons Having A Kitten Is Just Like Having A Baby

  • September 8, 2017

We’ve been umming and aaahing about getting a pet for a while and a couple of weeks ago we finally gave in to Little H’s begging and we got a kitten.

He was 11 weeks old when we got him, 13 weeks now and still very little. Little H named him Milo and declared us the “best parents ever”!

Having a kitten is a lot of fun, but also a flippin’ nightmare! It’s like having a baby again, actually more like an annoying, needy toddler.

Here are 10 reasons having a kitten is just like having a baby…

Making the house safe

We’ve had to hide cables, move things off the tables and shelves that he can reach, and shut the door to the kitchen.

Cleaning up poo

Long gone are our days of changing stinky nappies. Now we’re scooping poo out of a litter tray instead.

Crying in the night

We shut Milo out on the landing at night as he’s too playful to come in the bedrooms. He miaows for a while then goes quiet, before starting again in the early hours and I wake up at any little noise from him just like when you have a baby in the house.

Taking it in turns to eat

When Little H was a baby she had colic and would cry until around 11pm every night. We used to have to take it in turns to eat our dinner so one person could walk around the house with her. The kitten won’t leave us alone when we’re eating, jumping on the table, clawing at your feet. So one of us has to play with him while the other eats!

Not going out for long

For the last couple of weekends we’ve only been out for a few hours at a time as haven’t wanted to leave Milo alone in the house – mostly in case he wrecks the place! A bit like when Little H was small and we didn’t go far in case she got tired and cranky. (Obvs we didn’t leave her at home though!)

Chewing Everything

Remember the baby phase of everything going in their mouths? Kittens are the same, except they chew everything. So far the dining chair, remote control and a few of Little H’s teeth all have teeny teeth marks in them.

Squeaky Toys Everywhere

Whenever I walk into a room I seem to tread on a squeaky mouse. Trying to talk on the phone and all I can hear is a jingly ball being kicked around the room.

Wanting attention

Like an annoying toddler, a kitten wants constant attention. I’m currently writing this blog with Milo sat on my lap, pawing at the keyboard. If I put him on the floor he just comes straight back again.

Photos on social media

I admit it, I’ve shared photos of our new family member on social media. Not as many as I post of Little H, but I have done it. I will try not to turn into a “cat lady” though!

Thank god he’s cute

All of the annoying habits above though are forgotten when he comes and sits on your lap and cuddles up because he’s so cute. A bit like a small child!

On the whole I’m pleased we got Milo for Little H. She loves having him, and it’s nice to have a furry friend in the house.




  • Sophie's Nursery (@sophiesnursery)

    Totally relate to this! We have 2 cats & I remember them being very hard work as kittens! x

  • motherhoodtherealdeal

    Ahhhh bless! I remember when we had a puppy he was super hard work and I now realise quite good preparation for a baby! The crying at night really got me….

  • joannavictoria

    We don’t have any pets but I often say to my husband that are son is so like at cat/dog at times lol.

  • Helen

    Aww at least it’s all worth it – it really does sound a lot like having a child!

  • dearbearandbeany

    Oh but look how cute he! My husband is desperate for us to have a kitten, but I’m not ready as its like having a 3rd child!

  • Charlene

    Ha ha! And at least you can take a baby out!

  • Kara

    Awwww so cute!! Pets are hard work, especially when they are little

  • dearmummyblog

    Milo is super cute! Totally agree that having a kitten is like a baby…you wait until they get older and independent then they are just like teeenagers!! 😉

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    I imagine it must be tough! I remember the stress of trying to cat proof the house when my parents got cats, so similar to kids!

  • steph_baybee

    Sounds just like having a puppy in the house! I can imagine the cuddles are lovely when it stops!


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