Toy Time Machine

  • August 19, 2017

What were your favourite toys when you were a child? The ones I remember playing with the most were Sylvanian Families and Barbies.

My parents kept so many of mine and my brother’s old toys, and when they moved house a few years ago they gave them all to us. There were boxes and boxes of toys that I’d forgotten I had, including enough Lego to build our own Legoland!

We got them all down from the loft recently and Little H loved them!

The favourites were definitely the Sylvanian Families. I had the house but it had got a bit battered so we got rid of that one, but the bakery, school, tree house and gypsy caravan were all still like new. We’ve gradually added to it with a new house, a campervan, a car and a playground, and have a little village set up under Little H’s cabin bed. The toys in the range really haven’t changed much in 30 years.

Toy Time Machine | Digital Motherhood

There were also a lot of My Little Ponies, Little H kept her favourites and donated the rest to the charity shop. She was a bit confused about why they look so different to her My Little Ponies but she still likes to play with them.

Toy Time Machine | Digital Motherhood

One that I’d completely forgotten about but that was a big 80’s toy was the Finders Keepers snail. I used to love hiding things in her shell! The key was lost a long time ago but Little H still likes it.

Toy Time Machine | Digital Motherhood

The one that she doesn’t like at all is my old Cabbage Patch doll. I used to love that doll but Little H says it’s creepy. I can see her point!

Toy Time Machine | Digital Motherhood

My brother’s toys were also in our loft and included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. Little H loved these too but we handed them over to my brother.

It’s funny to see Little H playing with my old toys. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was playing with them, but it’s 30 years. Amazing really that the toys have lasted so well, I can’t imagine I’d have wanted to play with my parents’ old toys when I was 6!

What2Buy4Kids have come up with this infographic which I love, showing the most popular toys from each decade since the 1900’s. I wonder what toys of Little H’s we’ll be saving for her children.

Toy Time Machine | Digital Motherhood

What were your favourite toys when you were little? Did you keep any of them for your children?


Toy Time Machine | Digital Motherhood

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  • Kerry norris

    I really enjoyed looking at that info graphic. I played with sylvanian families and polly pockets. I defo remember having a tamagotchi in the 90’s too


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