Essential Holiday Items To Pack In Your Suitcase

  • July 28, 2017

It’s holiday time for the Digital Motherhood house! Hopefully, when you read this I’ll be lying on a sun lounger!

I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree (or several) before holiday which got me thinking about my holiday essentials. Those items that you can’t do without.

Here’s my list of essential holiday items to pack in your case…

Summery Prints

I love summer clothes but you hardly ever get to wear them in this country. Going on holiday is the perfect excuse to get the bright clothes and patterns out. My thing this year seems to be flamingos and palm trees!


An absolute must, I can’t sunbathe without a book. Not real books obviously being a digital type person, but my tablet is choc full of ebooks. Which one to read first?!

Flip flops

Lots of flip flops! I have about 6 pairs laid out but am going to have to narrow it down a bit. So difficult because they’re all so pretty!


We do try very hard to attempt the language and always take a phrase book with us, though you can pretty much make do with Google now as long as you can get a wifi connection.

Suntan Lotion

Being a pale, freckly redhead I have to take a couple of bottles of factor 50 that will be for both me and Little H. I’ve got a special one for my face this year that hopefully will also be eczema friendly.
What are your holiday essentials?


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  • Claire

    Love items. I love the watermelon print ?

  • Debbie Roberts

    Hi Sarah, living in a holiday destination means I never have to go on holiday, but if I did books would be a must. Suntan lotion with a high factor would be an essential as would be a huge floppy hat and sunglasses.
    I hope you have a fab holiday where ever you are headed!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.



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