How To Pack Light For Your Holiday

  • July 21, 2017

We’re off on holiday shortly (I think I may have mentioned it!) and very excited about it. I love planning holidays and am always thinking of where to go to next.

I’m not quite so keep on packing though. I did a Holiday Checklist recently to make sure we don’t forget any of the major things like passports, so fingers crossed we have everything.

I’ve just taken a break from the mammoth task of ironing and have got to cut down on what I’m taking. In past years we’ve been to Spain with just hand luggage so when I want to I can pack light. There’s a bit of a knack to it but it is definitely possible, and very handy if you want to avoid the extra baggage charges on the cheap airlines.

Here are my tips on how to pack light for your holiday…

Buy toiletries abroad

Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shower gel and so on add a lot of extra weight to your luggage. They do have supermarkets abroad so there’s not really any need to buy these items before you go. In a lot of cases, they’ll be cheaper abroad anyway. You can then just chuck what’s left before you return – do you really want to bring back half a bottle of shampoo anyway?

Babies don’t need as much as you think

As with toiletries, you can buy nappies and formula abroad. We used to take enough for the first couple of days and then head to the supermarket to stock up. In the bigger supermarkets, you can buy exactly the same big brands as you can in the UK.

Roll your clothes

Rolling rather than folding your clothes not only takes up less room but also avoids creasing. I read a tip of tying a rubber band around your clothes after you’ve rolled them to keep them rolled tightly – I haven’t tried it but thought it was a good idea. Ball your socks up in stuff them in your shoes to save even more room.

Colour co-ordinate your clothes

If you want to take less clothing a good tip is to take a couple of pairs of shorts or trousers that go with multiple tops.  Same goes for accessories, one pair of neutral coloured flip flops is probably better than 4 pairs of different coloured ones for different outfits.

Think about what you actually need to take

Whilst those bright blue stilettoes might be beautiful, are you actually going to wear them if you’re going on a beachy holiday? Do you need to take your whole make-up bag, or will just the essentials be ok for a week or two?

Download your books

Laying on a sun lounger and reading a book (or 3) is my ideal way to relax on holiday. Books take up a lot of space though, so downloading them to a tablet or phone saves a lot of space in your suitcase. It can also be cheaper as you can get some great ebook deals on Amazon.

Wear anything bulky

If you’re taking a jacket or trainers it’s best to wear them to travel in so they don’t take up valuable space in your luggage. If you have a jacket you can also fill the pockets if needed. My husband always wears combat style trousers to travel in because they have lots of pockets!

Write a list

Not only does a list help you remember to pack important items, but it will also make you realise how much you’re taking. If you just keep adding things to your case you could well end up with twice as many outfits as you need. When it’s written down it’s obvious that taking 27 tops is a bit excessive!


I hope these tips will save you a bit of space in your suitcase next time you go away. Do you think you could cope with just hand luggage?


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  • Stephanie Moore

    Great tips, I am currently packing and we are going to Copenhagen so I don’t know what the weather is going to be like. So ending up packing, shorts, trousers, dresses and jumpers! It’s a nightmare!!

  • Mummy Times Two

    I definitely need to follow your tips! We’re off away in a couple of months and I’m already worrying about packing.

  • Janet T

    This has reminded me that I need to print out my packing list! I agree about downloading books, good tip.

  • Kara

    I am the queen of packing light but I must admit I do buy my nappies here – just in case

  • karen

    Such a great post that I think at lot of people need to read, I had a friend once that looked at my suitcase and said why don’t you have a top for every day. I told her because I don’t need to I can wash clothes in the sink and wear them again

  • Baby Isabella

    We’re awful at packing light! So could do with these tips especially rolling as opposed to folding!

  • Evelina

    Fabulous tips! I wish I was able to pack light. I always want to have choices so I always take way too many outfits ?

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    It’s all about lists for us! Great tips for saving space and taking some of the stress out of packing

  • Clair

    I have noticed a difference since I started taking a kindle instead of books, great tips!


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