My Holiday Checklist

  • July 16, 2017

We’re going on holiday next weekend (yay!) and I’m currently packing the cases and making sure we have everything we need.

I’m quite organised and usually get everything ready early but am still always really worried we’ll forget something. I like my lists and make a checklist to try and stop any last minute panics on the way to the airport.

I’m not talking about clothes or toiletries, those kinds of things you could buy quite easily if you forget anything. I’m thinking more of the show-stopping items that might stop you from getting on the plane, or anything that would be expensive to buy abroad.

Here’s what I have on my holiday checklist…


Check these when you book your holiday! Luckily we booked six months in advance so had plenty of time to get Little H a new passport when we realised it was about to run out.

Travel documents

Make sure you have boarding passes, visas and your driving licence if you’re renting a car. It’s also useful to print off your hotel booking details and anything else you have booked such as excursions.

Travel insurance

Don’t forget to book travel insurance before you go. I use a comparison website to get the best deal. Make sure you print the details off as well, could really speed things up if you need to use a hospital in an emergency.


Another good use of a comparison site, the rates offered vary massively. It’s always cheaper to get your money before you travel – airports and hotels offer ridiculously low exchange rates.

Phone & charger

You probably won’t forget your phone but you might forget to pack a charger. You might be hard pushed to find a compatible charger if you’re just on a beachy holiday and don’t want to be without your phone.

Hair straighteners

My holiday would be ruined if I forgot my GHDs – think Monica in Barbados!

Camera & charger

If you have a ‘proper’ camera you don’t want to forget to pack it. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to use your photography skills.

Plug converters

You don’t want to get to your hotel and realise you can’t plug in your phone charger or hair straighteners! These are cheapest in the supermarkets and stupidly expensive at the airport.

First aid kit

If you have kids you’ll definitely need one of these stocked with plasters and Calpol. Depending on where you’re going on holiday you might also want to pack sickness & diarrhoea tablets!


Don’t forget to take any prescription medications – for me, this is my inhaler.

Sunglasses & normal glasses

Last year I forgot to take my prescription sunglasses to Florida which meant I was quite blind for most of the holiday! So annoying as I left them in the car at the airport.


If you want to read by the pool don’t forget your Kindle or tablet, especially if you’ve downloaded lots of books beforehand.


Hopefully, this checklist will stop us (& you!) from forgetting anything important. Have I forgotten anything?



Your ultimate holiday checklist | Don't forget important items in your suitcase, check everything off this list! #travel #checklist



  • Bintu - Recipes From A Pantry

    I always forget adaptors! Thanks for this checklist it’s really useful, anything that makes travel easier is fine by me

  • Helen

    I’ve done the glasses thing on a ski trip. I ended up having to buy new goggles to fit over my glasses, because I’d forgotten my contact lenses. I can never sleep the night before a holiday for worrying that I’ll forget my daughter’s insulin. It has to be kept in the fridge or it degrades, so it’s always the last thing to be packed. I’m sure one day we’re going to end up abroad without it!

  • Kara

    My husband left his prescription sunglasses behind last holiday too – now we have two pairs so I make sure that one is packed

  • Newcastle Family Life

    I hope you have a great holiday, I am normally quite good at not forgetting things – watch I will forget something important when we next go away after I have said that xx

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    I have written my list and think I have everything. I hate all the last minute things that can’t be packed until the morning you leave 🙁

  • Stephanie

    Fab list! We’re going abroad for the first time with the kids and my list is getting huge!


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