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My Top 5 Places To Visit In The New Forest

  • July 10, 2017

We’re lucky to live fairly close to the New Forest and visit quite often throughout the year. There are so many family-friendly places to visit in the New Forest that you’ll always discover something new. It’s a fab place to go for a walk and the bonus is that it’s completely free! Wherever you park up you can walk for miles and always find great scenery, ponies, country pubs and plenty of fresh air.

I get a lot of people on Instagram asking whereabouts in the New Forest my photos are taken so I thought I’d share my top 5 places to visit in the New Forest. If you’re looking for a quiet place to go for a walk in the New Forest, somewhere safe for the kids to paddle, or a chance to see New Forest ponies, here are some good suggestions…


We’ve only recently discovered Fritham and it’s a great place for a day out with kids . There’s the tiniest pub with fairy doors and an ice cream hut in the garden. Then if you walk a little way into the forest there’s a lake that’s great for kids to paddle in and having a picnic next to. Watch out for cows on the road!


Lyndhurst is a little English village right in the middle of the New Forest with lots of coffee shops, pubs, gift shops, a museum and lots of New Forest ponies. It’s a lovely place to go for a wander, browse the gift shops, and have a stroll in the countryside. You can walk for miles into the forest and head back for cake or a pub lunch afterwards. This is usually our winter walk destination and we warm up with a hot chocolate afterwards.

Hatchet Pond

Another place in the New Forest that’s good for kids to paddle is Hatchet Pond just past Beaulieu. The sign says no swimming but it’s ok for children to paddle at the edge. There’s always some friendly donkeys or ponies nearby, swans swimming in the lake, and there’s usually an ice cream van parked in the car park. It’s very close to Beaulieu if you want to head there for a drink afterwards.


Burley is another great village in the New Forest. Burley isn’t a very big place but has pubs, ice cream shops, cafes, a cider farm and lots of gift shops. Keep an eye out for all of the associations with witchcraft on shop signs and in the windows – apparently, a white witch lived there in the 1800s. There are New Forest ponies wandering around everywhere, stood in the middle of the pavements which can be quite funny if you’re not used to it.

Balmer Lawn

Next to the Balmer Lawn hotel just outside Brockenhurst is a fab place for a picnic, it’s also one of the best New Forest streams for paddling. There’s a big grassy area right next to a shallow stream that’s always full of kids paddling whatever the weather. As with most places in the New Forest, there’s lots of ponies wandering around, as well as a few cows.


Have you visited any of these New Forest gems? Where are your favourite places to visit in the New Forest and Hampshire with children?



  • Suzy Mccullough

    Such a beautiful part of the world. One I’m sad to say I’ve never had the chance to visit before. It looks so lovely. Lol at the horse. Cheeky mare!

  • Bread // Queer Little Family

    I am so far away from the New Forest but I would love to take my bubby there when he’s older. #kcacols

  • Tracey Bowden

    I’ve never been to the New Forest but I love the sound of the little villages and your picture at Hatchet Pond is just gorgeous Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  • Samantha Bye

    I really need to visit the New Forest! It looks so lush and green. I also didn’t realise there was lots of different places within it – geography never has been my strong point!

  • Lauretta at Home and Horizon

    I want to visit Burley. It would also be nice to visit Hatchet Pond.

  • Sophie's Nursery

    I LOVE the New Forest it’s such a beautiful place to visit 🙂 Thanks for showing some places I haven’t heard of before! x

  • Fashion and Style Police

    Sounds like an amazing place. My kids would love to see the donkeys and ponies.

  • Clair

    Sounds a lovely place. I am away to stalk your Instagram now!

  • Claire

    I’d love to visit the new forest one day. It looks beautiful #KCACOLS

  • Maria

    We went to the New Forest pre-kids and stayed in Lyndhurst. It was lovely and we’ve been meaning to go back. Will have to check these other places out. #KCACOLS

  • Stephanie Moore

    We went to Ashley Heath in the winter, and that was lovely there. Really pretty spot.

  • Louise Smith

    Ooh, I’ve never been to any of these places before. They look lovely though ?

    Louise x

  • Angela

    There are some lovely places to visit in the New Forest. We’re quite close as well but don’t visit often enough.

  • Clare

    We to are lucky enough to luveno the door step of the New Forest, the small historical market town Fordingbridge, only last week we discovered a new place called Bucklers Hard, a must visit, gorgeous walks, the most detailed museum, a river cruise, an orchard and a lovely little tea rooms that serve fabulous afternoon tea, cream teas ect and a lovely selection of gifts!!! We have visited all the places you have listed and have enjoyed each of them in turn.

  • Andy Simmons

    You should visit Wooton Bridge, it has a lovely shallow stream ideal for paddling and catching baby trout in nets, we go all the time, it’s my 4 year old’s favorite spot in the forest!


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