Why Dads Are Awesome

  • June 16, 2017

As it’s Father’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d write a post about how awesome Dads are.

I know not everyone has a Dad in their life, or in their child’s life, but I have a brilliant Dad and so does my daughter, and we count ourselves very lucky.

I don’t think Dads get enough credit. We make jokes about how useless they are, moan about them, and share Dad memes on Facebook, but I’d be lost without the Dads in our life.

My husband becomes the child entertainer as soon as he comes through the door, especially when he can see that I’m about to throttle the little darling. He gets up early with her on a weekend and amuses her while I sleep in. They play computer games together and go to the park to play football, even when she’s supposed to be in bed. It’s sometimes like having 2 kids, but they have great fun together, and a lot of laughs.

Why Dads Are Awesome | Digital Motherhood

My Dad is the font of all knowledge, ask him anything and you’ll get a good answer. Even though I’m in my 30s he’ll still phone and text to check I’m ok, check if I’ve remembered to put anti-freeze in the car or book my travel insurance. He also (along with my Mum) offers to have Holly overnight, or pick her up early on a Saturday morning so they can have some time together.

Why Dads Are Awesome | Digital Motherhood

Basically, our Dads rule. Little H and I have listed our reasons why Dads are awesome.

Why Dads Are Awesome…

  • Dads are funny and silly
  • Dads like to play football
  • Dads are strong
  • Dads catch spiders
  • Dads tell stories in silly voices
  • Dads can carry you on their shoulders
  • Dads are good at helping play Minecraft
  • Dads are good at building things out of Lego
  • Dads learn about My Little Pony and Pokemon
  • Dads know about really complicated things like mortgages and politics
  • Dads actually just know everything
  • Dads are good at DIY and gardening
  • Dads are good at fixing cars
  • Dads take the kids off your hands to let you have some peace
  • Good Dads also make good Grandads!

Happy Daddies Day to all the awesome Dads out there!


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  • jaki

    Ah this is lovely. I too am very lucky to have both Dad’s in my life, my Little Man’s and my own. They are both very special. #FriYAYlinky


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