What Do You Do When You Have A Blogging Brain Freeze?

  • June 12, 2017

I’ve been slacking at blogging lately. I’d set myself a goal this year of posting 3 times a week and I was doing really well, I’d even scheduled quite a few in advance. Then something happened, I’m not quite sure what but suddenly I had nothing scheduled or planned and no ideas!

I’ve still posted, but only because I had a couple of reviews to write. Other than that I’m having a bit of a brain freeze at the moment and procrastinating by doing a lot of things that aren’t writing blog posts.

It’s not the end of the world, my blog doesn’t provide me with an income so I’m not missing out on anything by not blogging. It’s just a bit annoying when I was doing quite well with churning out the posts and getting more traffic.

So I may not have written anything decent, but I’ll tell you what I have done…

Binge watched Pretty Little Liars – definitely one of those shows that’s so bad it’s good! It’s ridiculously far-fetched, predictable and drags on and on, but I’ve been totally hooked. Please someone else tell me they are too…

Given myself a gel manicure – I’ve bought a couple of gel nail polishes and a UV lamp and have done my own nails. Am hoping it saves me money as I usually get them done a few times over the summer. We’re 4 days in and no chips so far.

Loads of freelance work – I’ve devoted more time to my freelance social media work in the hope that it’ll inspire me to think of blog post ideas. It hasn’t.

Read a book – For years I used to always read for half an hour or so before bed. Then I started freelance work and blogging, and have been going to bed later and later and hadn’t read a book in ages. This last week I’ve started and finished a whole book – Before We Met if you’re interested.

Exercised  – don’t get too excited, I haven’t been out for a run or down the gym but I have been doing sit-ups and squats in front of the TV (while watching PLL obviously) in the hope that I’ll get rid of my “mummy tummy” by the time we go away in the school holidays. Not likely but at least I’ll feel like I’ve tried.

And that’s about it. Not very productive really, but I’ve turned it into a blog post so maybe it’s not that bad!

What do you do when you have writer’s block?



  • Jessica Foley

    Ha ha Sarah! Writers block is the worst. When I find myself uninspired I usually do a review or hunt up someone to write a guest post for me. I’ve only had a few really quiet times, and like you I don’t actually make money from my blog (though I’m trying!), so it’s not a big deal. I say keep reading other blogs and just be aware during your days and maybe a few ideas will pop into your head. Summer is coming – surely you can write something about your summer plans?
    Good luck and I hope your mojo comes back!

  • Lexie

    Haha. Sounds like fun to me! What brand of nail polish did you try?


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