Inspiring Childrens’ Books From Clever Tykes

We love reading, as you may have noticed from my previous blog posts about our favourite stories and non-fiction books. Little H is becoming a bit of a bookworm too, which I’m so happy about! We’ve just got to the stage where we’re reading longer books with chapters which is much better than the awful school reading books.

I’m always on the lookout for books that will capture her interest and recently came across these inspiring childrens’ books from Clever Tykes.

Inspiring Childrens' Books From Clever Tykes | Digital Motherhood

Clever Tykes have produced a series of 3 books to introduce children to important life skills and characteristics through positive entrepreneurial role models. The books are aimed at 6-11-year-olds, and Clever Tykes have also produced free learning resources for primary enterprise education.

This idea really interested me as I’m big on inspiring Little H to pursue things that she loves, as well as sneaking in anything educational. The books in the series are Code-It Cody, Walk-It Willow, and Change-It Cho.

When the books arrived, Litte H went straight for Code-It Cody. This story is about a boy called Cody who enters his school’s computer club competition to create his own computer game.

Inspiring Childrens' Books From Clever Tykes | Digital Motherhood

Little H loves anything technology related and has already been learning a bit of coding at school so this was right up her street. We read the first chapter together and I later found her reading it in bed by torchlight way past her bedtime! This is the first time she’s been interested enough in a book to do this and it’s exactly what I used to do. The story is great, it’s easy to follow and educational whilst still being fun. Little H’s review is “It’s about really cool things like coding and compute games and apps. I want to make computer games when I’m older”. I think Clever Tyke’s job is done with inspiring this one to be an entrepreneur!

Next, we read Walk-It Willow. Walk-It Willow is about a little girl called Willow who turns her love of dog walking into a business.

Inspiring Childrens' Books From Clever Tykes | Digital Motherhood

Since I go to work every day we’ve talked with Little H a lot about having to earn money, and all the different things she could do for a job when she’s older. (This week she wants to be a teacher, last week it was a police officer!) Walk-It Willow has made Little H think about how she could earn more pocket money and she’s been offering to do all sorts of things from washing my car to drawing me pictures!

The last book of the three is Change-It Cho. This one is based around healthy eating, and a sporty girl called Cho who wants to set up her own fruit and veg stall to help her school friends eat healthier.

Inspiring Childrens' Books From Clever Tykes | Digital Motherhood

I found this book very handy for backing up what we try to tell Little H about not eating too many sweets, we’ve had a lot of “Is this good for me?” questions since reading this story. It’s also a great read to encourage kids to stand up for what they believe in – something that we all want our kids to do.

The characters in all three books are inspiring and relatable to young children. They all face challenges to overcome, and all work hard to put their plans into action. It’s so nice to see characters that are in more realistic situations, rather than the usual fighting monsters or rescuing the princess. It’s also refreshing to see characters who don’t all look the same!

I’ve been really impressed with these books. If you are looking for some inspiring stories, with strong characters then you definitely need to check out these Clever Tykes books. Mention them to your child’s school as well, there’s lots of free resources they can take advantage of.


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15 thoughts on “Inspiring Childrens’ Books From Clever Tykes

  1. ljdove23 says:

    These look like such lovely little books, I know that my children would love them! My eldest daughter is really getting into reading so any new books are always welcome. Thanks for the recommendation! Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

  2. Cheryl @ Tea or Wine says:

    I’ve not heard of Clever Tykes, but these books sound great. My eldest is almost 6 and really getting into reading, I’ll look out for them. Love the fact that they’re good role models too! Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS, hope to see you next time.

  3. Wendy says:

    I love reading to my son’s and while we do enjoy reading all his fictional story books I think it is good to also read books that educate him. These books sound great and very inspiring, my boy is only 3 so might be a bit king but will definitely keep an eye for them as he gets older xx #kcacols

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