How We Got On With Breaking The Screen Addiction

  • June 6, 2017

Back in April I wrote a post about Little H’s addiction to her tablet and how we were trying to prise her away from it. Here’s an update on how we got on with breaking the screen addiction.


We’ve been quite strict with the timer on the tablet. We’ve kept it only useable between 6am and 7pm to avoid ridiculously early wake-ups or begging to use it past bedtime. We’ve also refused to up the timer when the 2-hour limit runs out, and Little H stopped asking in the end. Now she knows that once the time is up that’s it. 2 hours sounds a lot, but it’s usually an hour in the morning and an hour after school.

Other Activities

I tried to make sure that we had lots of other stuff planned after school instead. It helped that we had some nice weather and could get out and about. We’ve had trips to the park and friends’ houses. We’ve also played games, played with Lego and done crafts as Little H got lots of new things for her birthday.

Sneaky parenting

We’ve been a bit sneaky about ‘forgetting’ to charge it fully so that sometimes she can’t use it. I’ve also put it in a drawer when we leave the house in the morning and have found that she often forgets about it when it’s not the first thing she sees getting in from school.

TV use

We have swapped one screen for another at times though. In the mornings when the tablet isn’t charged she goes downstairs and puts the TV on. She does also seem to play whilst watching Disney Jnr though so I think it’s a bit of an improvement!

Good Behaviour

We’ve also taken the tablet away when she’s not done as we’ve asked, and she has got used to this. It’s also helped with getting her to listen to instructions a bit better!


There have been a few tears along the way but on the whole, we have definitely reduced the use of the tablet which was the main aim. We don’t want to get rid of it completely as it definitely has a lot of benefits. If you want to try to tear your kids away from their screens don’t be too scared, it’s not as bad as you think! I would definitely recommend a tablet with a timer, and maybe a schedule of other things to do.




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