Free Fidget Spinner Giveaway

  • May 20, 2017

Has the fidget spinner craze hit your house yet? Little H has been going on about them for weeks since a couple of kids in her class took them to school.

We were kindly sent one in the post from Simply eliquid this week and Little H hasn’t put it down! If you’d like to win a fidget spinner keep reading for details of a free fidget spinner giveaway.

Free Fidget Spinner Giveaway | Digital Motherhood

Our fidget spinner arrived the day before her birthday yet she seems to have talked about it more than any of her presents. It came out to dinner with us, it’s been hidden in her school bag, it’s even been taken to bed!

Free Fidget Spinner Giveaway | Digital Motherhood

If you’re not sure what a fidget spinner is they’re a weighted spinner designed to help kids who have trouble focusing or fidgeting, such as those with ADHD or Autism. Playing with a fidget spinner is supposed to be a way of relieving stress or nervous energy, though all kids seem to enjoy playing with them right now.

I didn’t really get the craze at first but they are a little bit addictive!

Free Fidget Spinner Giveaway | Digital Motherhood

If you fancy getting your hands on a free fidget spinner, Simply eliquid have 1000s to give away here.

Happy spinning!




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