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Toy Testing With What 2 Buy 4 Kids

  • April 28, 2017

We were recently invited to be Toy Testers for What 2 Buy 4 Kids which Little H was very excited about. I think she felt all famous like the kids on YouTube that she watches constantly!

Toy Testing With What 2 Buy 4 Kids | Digital Motherhood

What 2 Buy 4 Kids is a fab online toyshop which stocks a great range of different products. The website is split into sections for girls and boys, or you can search by age, which makes it really easy to browse. We had a look through the site to pick something that we wanted to test and we were spoilt for choice. They stock everything from jewellery making kits and tea sets, to bug safaris and board games.

We searched by age (6 years) and decided on this brilliant science kit.

Toy Testing With What 2 Buy 4 Kids | Digital Motherhood

Recently we did some of our own science experiments which Little H really enjoyed and she’s been itching to do more.

The kit has everything you need to carry out 29 science experiments – that’s surely enough to keep any kid busy for a while!

It’s well packaged and everything is laid out really nicely inside. The experiments are all listed in a booklet and each one lists what you’ll need and explains what you need to do.

Toy Testing With What 2 Buy 4 Kids | Digital Motherhood

There are only a few experiments that need you to supply things for and these are things like olive oil, food colouring or salt, so easy to get your hands on.

The booklet also explains how each experiment works and has other suggestions for you to try.

We worked our way through the booklet and Little H picked out the experiments she wanted to do. The steps to carry out the experiments are purely pictures so it’s very easy for kids to follow. I did find that some of the items in the box needed labelling as occasionally it was hard to work out which item the picture was referring to.

The experiments are short and we whizzed through them. We planted cress seeds and looked at them through a magnifying glass. We blew a ball in the air using a straw – this one entertained Little H for ages and apparently, I’m “magic at it”!

Toy Testing With What 2 Buy 4 Kids | Digital Motherhood

We tested how different things floated in water, and made a boat out of clay. We made our own bubbles, and we saw what happened when water and black ink mixed together.

After an hour we’d probably not even done half of the experiments, so this is definitely a present that would keep a child amused for some time. A lot of it is reusable as well so you can definitely try the experiments again.

The age recommendation is 5+ which I think is accurate. Little H is almost 6 and it was easy for her to follow, held her attention, and she really enjoyed it.

It’s nice to buy something like this that you can do together, rather than a toy that they will just be sat playing with on their own. It’s obviously also good to buy something educational that they find fun.

What 2 Buy 4 Kids offer same day shipping, free returns and can also wrap gifts. If you’re stumped for what to buy a child who’s a different age or sex to your own child then I’d definitely recommend searching by age on their website. I’ll be coming back when it’s my nephew’s 10th birthday shortly as I have no idea what 10 year old boys like!


We received this Science Kit for free from What 2 Buy 4 Kids but the comments and opinions above are honest and our own.



  • The Tale of Mummyhood

    Oh I love toys like this! My husband is a Scientist and so can’t wait until our girls are old enough to play with these things! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  • Sonia Cave

    Ooooo this looks good, and my trio would love doing kits like this to add to all their Home ed stuff we do at home. It looks like it really catches their imagination

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    a site like this sounds so useful when it comes to choosing age appropriate toys or gifts – I am the worse, especially when it comes to choosing for extended family x

  • Stephanie Moore

    This looks fantastic, great website with lots of things on it. The science kit looks fun too.

  • Mel

    My kiddos would have picked the same thing! They love little experiments, especially when they’re short enough (otherwise I end up doing them on my own!). Sounds like what2buy4kids is a great concept!


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