A Walk Through Bluebell Woods

One of the great things about social media is seeing ideas and suggestions from other parents and local pages. Last week I saw a Facebook post on the Dorset Mums page about Bluebell Woods in Wimborne and knew we had to visit!

A Walk Through Bluebell Woods | Digital Motherhood

Bluebell Woods, Pamphill

Wimborne is about 10 minutes from us but I’d never visited Bluebell Wood before. If you want to visit, it’s in Abbot Street Copse in the little village of Pamphill.

There isn’t much there for most of the year but in April/May is full of bluebells as far as the eye can see.

A Walk Through Bluebell Woods | Digital Motherhood

A Walk Through Bluebell Woods | Digital Motherhood

You can park in Pamphill for free and it’s a couple of minutes walk from the car to the wood. Obviously, you have quite a short window to see the bluebells but I think you’ll have another week or 2 left yet.

Following the path you can walk in a big circle around the woods, I think we spent about an hour wandering around.

A Walk Through Bluebell Woods | Digital Motherhood

Little H and the husband went exploring, climbing trees and collecting sticks, and I was of course taking photos.

A Walk Through Bluebell Woods | Digital Motherhood

It goes without saying that the views are amazing, as soon as you enter the wood you’re faced with a carpet of purple in all directions. There are also great views across the surrounding fields.

A Walk Through Bluebell Woods | Digital Motherhood

There are also other walks to continue on, plus Kingston Lacy church and Pamphill Dairy which serves food and has a little playpark. Would definitely recommend a visit if you’re nearby, a good free afternoon for the Easter holidays!


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17 thoughts on “A Walk Through Bluebell Woods

  1. Sarah Stockley says:

    We have some beautiful woods nearby which are full of bluebells – I took loads of pics last year and we’re hoping to head up there today. PS – we met you at Camp Wilderness 🙂 Sarah #CountryKids

  2. Jonny (daisythebus) says:

    Oh, I do like the look of this. In early April our woods in Luxembourg are filled with wood anemones, and a little later we will get picturesque clumps of common mouse ear, but bluebells… never 🙁 Or at least not in my area (I know there are bluebell woods in Belgium). Slightly jealous of this annual celebration of colour! #CountryKids

  3. Heidi says:

    Beautiful woods. Every year I say that I’m going to visit one of our local bluebell woods and every year I’m too late! I must make more of an effort to get there one time.

  4. otisandus says:

    I have a love for the yellow rapeseed fields and also for the bluebells. It feels a little early for them this year. I better get out and find some quickly! Lovely photos 🙂 #countrykids

  5. mudpiefridays says:

    I am totally the same I always get inspiration from others pages and posts. This looks like a lovely place to visit. We went bluebell hunting at the weekend too! #CountryKids

  6. jo says:

    I love a bluebell walk. They were my grandmother’s favourite and always remind me of her. Beautiful pictures of stunning colours. #countrykids

  7. tracey at Mummyshire says:

    I just love Bluebell woods, they’re really gorgeous and your walk looks like a typical, pretty walk. We went on a talk recently and was told this year is a particularly good year for bluebells – unlike last – because we’ve had warm weather conditions. Looks like it from these photos!
    Popping across from #CountryKids = sorry for the late commenting, we were away at Easter

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