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A Sunny Day Out At Durdle Door

  • April 10, 2017

I hope the weather has been as nice where you are as it has been down on the south coast! We had 2 days of brilliant weather this weekend, and definitely made the most of it.

We’re so lucky to live in an amazing part of the UK – Poole in Dorset. I see so many people posting about their holidays down here which reminds us how fortunate we are.

We’ve been waiting for a sunny day to head down to Durdle Door, it’s probably a couple of years since we last visited and is definitely one of our favourite local places. If you find yourselves near Bournemouth, Poole, or Weymouth, it’s definitely worth a trip down to the Lulworth area to check out the famous Jurassic Coast. Read on to have a look at some photos from our day.

A Sunny Day Out At Durdle Door | Digital Motherhood

I think everyone else had the same idea this weekend as it was packed when we got there just before lunchtime. They’d opened the overflow carpark already and the queue for the pay & display machines was ridiculous. If you do head down to Durdle Door I’d recommend getting there by 11am at the latest.

The path down to the beach is very steep with very loose stones so not the easiest walk. You couldn’t take a pushchair and would need to carry small children, so bear that in mind if you visit. The views from the top are amazing and you can see for miles in both directions. On a sunny day, the sea is so blue you could be fooled into thinking you’re abroad.

A Sunny Day Out At Durdle Door | Digital Motherhood

First, we headed down to the Durdle Door side and sat on the beach there. The steps down to both beaches are very steep and again you’d have to carry small children. The beach is also very stony so make sure you take something soft to sit on!

The view in front of you is more than worth the trek down the cliff. The sea is crystal clear and very shallow at the edges so safe for kids to paddle.

Little H had fun throwing stones into the sea and dipping her toes in the sea. It’s only April though and the sea was absolutely freezing, though some crazy people were swimming.

A Sunny Day Out At Durdle Door | Digital Motherhood

After eating our lunch we went back up the steep steps, and down the other side to Man O’ War beach. This side has a few rock pools for kids to explore, and a bay of shallow water perfect for swimming – though maybe not this early in the year! Little H had a lpaddle and collected some stones to paint over the Easter hols.

A Sunny Day Out At Durdle Door | Digital Motherhood

Then in true annoying child style, she needed a wee. So we had to head all the way back up the cliff to the carpark and the nearest toilet! Something else to bear in mind if you visit with kids.

We had an ice cream on the cliff top and went for a little walk to have a look at “the amazing yellow fields” as Little H called them. I wish I’d brought my proper camera with me, will just have to come back again soon!

A Sunny Day Out At Durdle Door | Digital Motherhood

Every view from up there is fantastic, whether you’re looking towards the sea or the countryside. If you’re coming to Dorset this Easter holidays, or later in the year, make sure you pay a little visit to Durdle Door.



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  • jo

    I love the coastline around Poole and Durdle Door. No matter the weather it’s always a fabulous stroll. Great pictures – sunshine and sea! #marvmondays

  • Joana at Mind The Mummy

    Wow, sounds like a great day out! I am from Portugal and you could definitely be fooled into thinking this was a beach further south! The UK has so many wonderful places, Yorkshire and the Lakes being among my favourites, but Dorset and Cornwall are probably my choice for southern England. That yellow field is a thing of dreams… Note to self: Must get out of London more! #marvmondays

  • Baby Isabella

    We’ve yet to visit Durdle Door and its been on our hit list for ages! This year we will trek to it. Lovely review x #MarvMondays x

  • Jo

    We loved Dorset when we camped there a couple of ears ago. In fact we stayed at the campsite on the top of the cliff above Durdle Door but was a fab stay. #MarvMondays


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