B Organic Skincare Range For Eczema Sufferers

  • March 28, 2017

If you or your kids suffer from eczema then you’re probably used to trawling the internet looking for miracles. I’ve tried lotions, creams, Chinese medicines, herbal teas, tablets, diets, and all sorts so you could say I’m an expert by now.

I haven’t found a miracle cure yet but you might be interested in this range from B Organic Skincare.

Little H doesn’t have eczema luckily but she does get dry skin so I’m very careful what we use in the bath. I’ve suffered from eczema since I was about 5 and for some reason have been going through quite a severe bout for the last 3 years or so.

I don’t use any creams, shower gels or bubble bath with perfumes, even my moisturiser is a prescription one. I find that the only thing that gets rid of a bad case of eczema is steroid creams and tablets but I don’t like using them and try lots of organic and natural products to stop my skin from having a reaction.

When I saw the B Organic Skincare range I was very interested – one I hadn’t tried yet!

They have products for both adults and children, and kindly sent us 2 products from the baby & kids range. All of their products promise to contain “No Nasties” which is a must for eczema sufferers.

First I tried the Soothing Balm for “body and bottom”. I decided to use it on my face – if it’s good enough for babies bums then I was hoping it’d be ok for my face.

B Organic Skincare Range For Eczema Sufferers | Digital Motherhood

Made of lavender and chamomile it smells amazing. The texture is quite odd but not unpleasant, it’s very greasy and almost melts in your hands.

My face gets very dry, red and itchy, and when it’s itching it feels very hot. I covered my face in the Soothing Balm and within minutes my skin felt cooler and no where near as itchy.

I could only put it on at night as it’s so greasy, so I got into a routine of moisturiser in the morning and the Balm once I’d taken my make up off in the evening. I also used it on my hands a few times and they felt instantly softer.

So many creams make my face itch but this one didn’t at all. Definitely safe for little baby bottoms.

I was also sent the lavender shampoo and body wash. I didn’t use it as shampoo on myself but did try it on Little H. Her hair smelled lovely, it was very shiny and she didn’t complain of an itchy head like she usually does.

B Organic Skincare Range For Eczema Sufferers | Digital Motherhood

We both used it as body wash and no complaints there either which is amazing as I always come out in a rash from anything with soap, and usual kids products are usually too harsh for Little H.

I was really impressed with the B Organic Skincare range. I’m so used to being allergic to products that it’s nice to find something that my skin liked.

The Balm has lasted ages and is like a never ending pot. I’ll be using it on my face for a while yet.

If you have a baby and are hesitant to put products on their skin then I would recommend this Balm and shampoo/body wash. As I say, if I’m not allergic to it then I think anyone would be fine! It won’t cure eczema but it will help to stop the itch.

The B Organic Skincare range also includes face cream, body lotions, and the one I’m going to try next is the hydrating eye cream – i haven’t yet found an eye cream that doesn’t make my eyes itch!

If you or your little ones suffer from eczema then you have my sympathy. I’d definitely recommend trying this range if you’re searching for kind, natural products.

If you’ve tried it or have any other suggestions do let me know!




  • Sarah Haig Pincay

    These products look lovely! I was a bit horrified to read recently of all the nasty things the well known brands that I have been using have in them. It is great to find natural alternatives especially for the kids skin.

  • Sonia Cave

    These look lovely and so gentle. 2 of mine get dry and sore skin so I might look into these.

  • Sarah Cantwell

    Rosalie had sensitive skin and so I will be wary of what I use on baby no.2 xx

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    this sounds great if it is able to work its magic on eczema – my son suffers with it in the colder weather especially x

  • G

    This looks lovely! I’ve stopped using all of the mainstream creams and lotions etc for our girls after reading what was inside them and much prefer Organic skincare treatments like this now! x

  • Stephanie Moore

    The shampoo would be so nice to use, when mine were babies they had such bad skin.


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