Put Your Instagram Photos In A Printrbook

  • February 27, 2017

What do you do with your photos? Do you print them off, stick on social media, or just save them to your laptop?

I do a mixture with mine. Some I don’t do anything with, some I’ll print off for frames, and my favourite photos I share on Instagram.

I recently discovered Printrbook, and had great fun making a little photo book out of my Instagram photos. Read on to find out more and get a discount code.


It’s really easy to make your own Printrbook and it’s a great way to print your Instagram photos out. You just log in at http://:// with your Instagram account details, and you’ll be presented with all your images. No need to mess around with uploading photos.

All you need to do to create your own photo book is select the photos you want to include and the website adds them in chronological order.

Put Your Instagram Photos In A Printrbook | Digital Motherhood

If you get interrupted half way through your progress will be saved until the next time you log in.

You can choose to create a book with 25 or 50 photos, and you can create your own personalised cover.

You can choose a template for the cover, add your name, and choose whether to include subtitles for the photos or not.

Put Your Instagram Photos In A Printrbook | Digital Motherhood

(Make sure the photos you choose for the cover are all the same size as that top line is really bothering me!)

Since the photos appear in chronological order it’s really nice to look through and see photos with the same theme or from the same time of the year next to each other.

Put Your Instagram Photos In A Printrbook | Digital Motherhood

Put Your Instagram Photos In A Printrbook | Digital Motherhood

It’s also good to be able to have your photos printed with the amazing filters that you’ve added in Instagram. I find my Instagram versions are much better than the original photos most of the time!

Put Your Instagram Photos In A Printrbook | Digital Motherhood

I’m really impressed with the book, it’s good quality and is great to have your Instagram photos printed out. These would be a nice idea if you’d taken a lot of photos on a holiday and wanted to make a little book of your memories.

Put Your Instagram Photos In A Printrbook | Digital Motherhood

They’re also easier to store than the usual photo albums or bigger photo books.

The website is really easy and user-friendly. I had a few problems adding photos at first but I switched from Firefox to Chrome and had no issues.

Get your Printrbook discount code

If you’d like to make your own book you can use the code digitalmum10 to get 10% off your own photo book. This code will expire on 30th April 2017.


What do you do with your photos? Are you an Instagram addict?

You can also follow me on Instagram if you like the look of my photos!


I received a free Printrbook for the purposes of this review, but all opinions in this post are my own

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  • Sarah Cantwell

    This is such a lovely way to keep your instagram photos. Xx

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    this is such a cute idea, really like the size of it. I am the worst for getting pictures printed but physically having them is so important x

  • The London Mum

    Oh I love how easy that is! I love picture books and used to religiously do one every year, but they are time consuming so I stopped when I had Little London- this is much more convenient!

  • Sonia Cave

    I love that book, I am going to research this as they look fantastic!

  • Joanna

    This is such a lovely idea I think its lovely way to get you to have more images printed off.

  • This Mama Life

    This looks great! I’m terrible at remembering to print photos but love reminiscing over them. Will have to check them out 🙂 x

  • Janine Dolan

    That’s lovely. It’s a shame these days photos are not put into albums anymore. I got are my more batch of photos the other day to add to an album. I think it’s lovely to look back the old fashion way.

  • Ickle Pickle

    This is a brilliant idea – I love my Instagram photos . What a lovely way to keep them. Kaz 🙂

  • Georgina

    This is such a lovely idea! I’m awful at printing out our photos so this would definitely be something I need to do! Xx


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