Our January Round-Up

  • February 9, 2017

I have only just realised that I forgot to do my January Round-Up!

Last summer I started to do monthly round-ups which I found was a nice way to look back on all the fun things we had been up to.

In January we had a pretty quiet month really, after the madness of Christmas it was quite nice to have a few quiet weekends.

Our January Round-Up |

Our weekends have mainly consisted of walks in the forest, walks at the beach, and jumping in puddles!

At the beginning of January, before having to go back to work and school, we went down to Bournemouth Beach to see the Big Wheel before it left. The ferris wheel was there as part of the Christmas events but there are rumours we’ll have a permanent one later in the year. It was good fun, though very cold so we had to go for a hot chocolate to warm up afterwards!

We went for a walk at our local country park, collected some sticks and did some exploring. We’ve also been to the New Forest, walking through the woods and squelching in mud.

Little H got to bring home the class bunny (teddy not real!) as a reward for “being a kind friend” which made us so proud. Not sure it’s such a reward for the parents though as you have to stick photos in the book of what the bunny got up to in his weekend with you! The temptation to put him in the washing machine was very strong. We went to Moors Valley Country Park on the Saturday and had a lazy day in watching movies on the Sunday, and managed to take some good photos for the book.

We took Little H to a science workshop in Bournemouth where the kids all learnt about volcanoes and then made their own. It was great fun and we’ll definitely go back again when they have another event.

And that’s about it for our January. I think February is going to be a bit busier so next month’s round-up should be a bit more intresting!

Hope you all had a lovely start to the year. What did you get up to?

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  • Cardiff Mummy Says - Cathryn

    A lovely idea to do a monthly round-up. January just flew by! The science workshop sounds amazing! We have a company here in Cardiff who do science birthday parties, and the one we went to recently was brilliant.

  • Sarah Cantwell

    January seems to have flown by! So lovely to see that you have still got out and about xx

  • Sonia Cave

    It sounds like you got up to some lovely things. A bit more laid back is always a good thing!

  • Rebecca | AAUBlog

    looks like a great round-up to me, even if you think it wasn’t! Getting out and about with the kids is the best.

  • Jodie

    I really need to get out more. I’ve hibernated over the winter. Oooops.

  • Stephanie

    Nice idea to do a monthly round up, be lovely looking back at it in years to come

  • Chloe Ciliberto

    January has gone so fast. I love the idea of doing a round up. It looks like you captured some lovely memories. xxx


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